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You Said Yes! Should You Consider an Elopement Wedding?

Your answer was YES! Now it’s time to plan the wedding. For some, your wedding day is what you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. The white dress, perfect chapel, five-tiered cake, you have all of the details planned. For others, the traditions just aren’t quite as important. There is no shame in that! Maybe, just maybe, an elopement is your answer. Here are some reasons people choose to elope. And a couple of reasons people choose not to.

6 Reason to Plan an Elopement Wedding (and a Couple Reasons Not to)


The average cost for a wedding is in excess of $30,000. Even a frugal wedding is in the five digits. For a couple just getting started, this can be hard to justify. Although there is nothing wrong with having the wedding of your dreams, there is also no shame in saving that cash for a downpayment of a house, car or even a honeymoon.

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You want your wedding, done your way. But sometimes well-meaning loved ones end up dredging up drama. Sometimes it’s easier to cut off the fuel supply and just run away. Let them talk while you’re busy starting your life on a tropical beach. 

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If you’re more about adventure than tradition, eloping may be a great option. Shout your vows while skydiving, stand barefoot on the beach and say “I DO” while the waves lap at your feet, or stand underneath a waterfall while you pledge your life together. Whatever your style, do it up big! The memories will be priceless.


Enough said …..

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Your much-loved family and friends will all expect to be invited, and you want them there. But you simply cannot afford to put on a shindig to accommodate your entire guest list. If this describes you, eloping can be a great option! Run away, say “I DO”, and plan a laid back, affordable party and invite the whole town.

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Of course, the honeymoon is designed to be the ultimate vacation and new life-start but sometimes a small, intimate wedding with just you and your loved one is the perfect start for your new life together. 

santa barbara beach and golf resort | elopement wedding


No matter how good the argument is to elope, it is always a good idea to look at the other side to make sure you are truly making an informed decision. If you are eloping because you are in a hurry and want to rush into a wedding, it might be a good idea to hit pause. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and are finally taking the plunge you’ve been talking about for years then it’s expected. But if you met over the weekend and it just feels right, you might want to take a step back and consider your level of commitment. 

Also, if you think you might regret skipping your big day, elopement might not be wise. You don’t want to resent your wedding or your new spouse. Make sure you will look back on your day with smiles and not regret. 

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No matter your decision, this is a decision that you both need to be confident in. You are creating a day to remember the start of your life together. No regrets allowed! Make the decision that is best for both of you and move forward with confidence. Happy Wedding Day! 

If you are considering an elopement, destination wedding, or Caribbean honeymoon, we invite you to call us at Santa Barbara Golf and Beach Resort to see how we can best serve you. Curacao just might be the most perfect island in the Caribbean, being outside of the hurricane belt and inside the tropics, it truly is paradise. 

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