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You Deserve a Spring Getaway That Will Renew Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Could your mind, body, and soul use a Spring cleaning? We don’t typically consider applying the concept of Spring cleaning to ourselves, and yet, spending some quality time clearing the clutter out of our minds, pampering our bodies, and indulging in activities that satisfy the soul, might be just what we need this Spring. Why should our houses, cars, and offices get all the love? Send some of that Spring cleaning gusto to yourselves!

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortRather than cleaning, think of it more as a Spring refresh and renewal. Being alive is the most precious gift we’ve been given, but it can be hard work, and we need to press the “reset” button from time to time.

The days begin to lengthen, the sun shines brighter, and as the plants bloom and grow, a essence of freshness enters the environment. What better time to renew than in the midst of all these wonderful natural changes?

Distractions permeate our daily surroundings, which can make it challenging to truly relax and rejuvenate, especially in our home environments. In order to fully immerse ourselves in our own Spring “cleaning,” it’s best to getaway.

Somewhere tranquil, warm, and surrounded by beauty. Though there are a great many destinations that can offer you tranquility and beauty, the Dutch island of Curaçao offers a Caribbean richness that will bring luxury and relaxation to your very core.

Happily located South of the hurricane belt, a mere 44 miles from the coast of Venezuela, and filled with history and culture, Curaçao offers the recipe for your Spring getaway success.

Curaçao Has Something For Everyone

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortBalancing vacation with parenting can seem overwhelming. Trying to decide on a destination that serves you and your significant other, even pre-kids, can still be tough sometimes. It’s natural for each of us to have different interests, desires, and needs, which can render certain destinations less ideal, and others more ideal.

Curaçao is truly a haven for all families, groups, and couples, because unlike other small Caribbean islands, it has a seemingly never ending supply of excitement, and relaxation.

With over three dozen beaches, first-rate diving, and picturesque towns filled with colonial architecture, there’s plenty to entertain kids, husbands, grandmothers, and everyone in between.

If you’re traveling with a family, you can take turns adventuring with the kids, while the other parent spends some quality time at the spa, for example. While Grandmother takes her colonial Caribbean history bus tour, you can escape to the calm bay to go Stand Up Paddling, take a beach yoga class, or go for a swim in the pool.

The point is, no matter who you’re sharing your Spring retreat with, Curaçao will help to ensure everyone returns feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Every Sense Will be Indulged and Refreshed

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortToo often we have to settle for surface relaxation, or shall we say isolated-sense relaxation. Have you ever gotten a massage in your hometown, and instead of truly embracing the present moment, rather your mind filled with your to-do list the entire time? This is completely normal, which is why getting away from that to-do list entirely is the key to your relaxation success.

How often are we able to indulge and refresh all of our senses at the same time? Not often. For that true Spring cleaning sensation, a total sensory experience is needed, and on Curaçao, it’s entirely possible.

Six miles wide and 37 miles long, Curaçao is literally surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters – no matter where you look, your eyes will be greeted with an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortFrom the soft waves rolling onto the sand, to the light breeze whisping past your ears, the sounds of the island will permeate your very soul.

Between local fare and luxurious restaurants, the cuisine will have your taste buds jumping for joy. Your nose will feel clear and free as it takes in the aromas of the cuisine, and the fresh air.

As for touch, well let’s just say there’s a luxurious spa or two where wonders can be worked to make you feel completely relaxed. Or, to feel invigorated, island yoga, pilates, snorkeling and other activities might do the trick.

Next time you’re planning the grand home Spring cleaning, add yourself to the list! You, above everything else, deserve a refreshed and renewed mind, body, and soul, so you can meet each day with your healthiest and happiest self. Plan your getaway to Curaçao. Spring is lovely and ideal for cleansing, but it’s always a beautiful day on the island anytime of year.

For total and complete luxury during your stay, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort provides the premier accommodations on the island. From exciting activities, to their phenomenal spa, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort has you, and your group, covered at every turn.

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