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Why Versatile is The Magic Word For a Successful Vacation

best vacation destination

With more vacation destinations, resorts, and options in general, than ever before, how on Earth does one choose? In this era of abundant transportation options and endless travel photography and blogging, there are far fewer places one can’t go than can!

All the Best Vacation Destinations Have Versatility

Now that the holiday season has arrived and travel plans are being made for 2018, the time is ripe to discuss how one might go about narrowing down a vacation destination. Though there are many ways, let us offer a single word: versatility.

This is particularly relevant for those travel groups encompassing a variety of needs. Rarely is there a couple, family, or even group of friends who all wish to do the same things as one another every day while on vacation. Rather, most groups of vacationers have a variety of desires and needs, which is precisely why a versatile destination is key.

best vacation destinations

Open up Google maps, take a look at the globe, let your eyes glance over to the Caribbean, zoom in, scroll down until three little islands appear directly beneath the Dominican Republic and directly above South America. Zoom into the middle island: Curaçao. Curaçao is one of the most versatile island destinations and on it lies Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, an extremely versatile resort! As you plan your next getaway, consider if Santa Barbara’s versatility is just what you’re looking for:

Sea + Land

Mom may love the sea, and dad may love the land, and you, well perhaps you love both! Have your sea and land adventures too. The resort is set alongside the sparkling Caribbean Sea but also features a couple thousand acres of inland land. Activities and adventures are readily available in either landscape.

Escape to Curacao – Vacation Packages >>

Local + Global Cuisine

It’s easy to stay at a resort offering only the local cuisine of its given destination, and it’s even easier to stay at a resort offering only a global menu. At Santa Barbara, guests can enjoy both. With some chefs born and raised on Curaçao and others hailing from different corners of the globe, the culinary team at the resort skillfully crafts local delights and foreign comforts.

best vacation destinations

Rest + Action

Perhaps one of the most divisive vacation topics – to lounge all day or to be active? We’ve seen many vacation families and groups disagree on this topic. Yet, there’s never a dispute for long at Santa Barbara since both are possible! For the loungers, take your pick of soft sand beaches, colorful pools, spa treatments, or afternoon naps in the room. There’s no end to the lounging possibilities.

Adventure hungry vacationers get ready. Not only do you have sea adventures waiting, but there are some surprising land options as well.

  • Snorkel
  • Scuba Dive (even take a scuba course if you aren’t already certified)
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Spend two hours sailing across open sea to get to an abandoned island known as Klein Curaçao
  • Kayak
  • Mountain Bike
  • Hike
  • Go Caving
  • ….and More!

Versatility at its finest, a vacation at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort will make your entire group blissfully content! In many aspects of life there’s no way to please everyone, but when it comes to vacationing at the resort, there truly is. Gear up for the getaway of a lifetime and book your stay today!

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