Get to Know Curacao – 10 Facts That Might Surprise You

what is curacao

Neatly tucked in the southern portion of the Caribbean and the least well known of the “ABC” islands, Curacao is the epitome of a hidden gem. Curacao is an island of beauty, a layered history, a blend of cultures, and plenty of unique and quirky facts. To better get to know this slice of paradise, here are a few things we’re certain you’ll enjoy knowing.

What is Curacao (and Other Interesting Tidbits)

1. The Most Colorful Capital in The Caribbean

what is curacaoIf you’ve ever seen a picture of Curacao, it’s likely a picture of Willemstad, the country’s capital. In the 17th century, the Dutch ruled the island, and they were very fond of colorful buildings, hence the line of color that greets the waterfront in Willemstad, as well as the colorful buildings found throughout the island as well. You will never be short of Insta-worthy photo ops.

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2. Marshe Bieu is THE Place to Savor Curacao’s Flavors

Spanish, Dutch, Arawak and everything in between – Curacao is an island of many cultures, which has resulted in a rich food culture. The closest chance you’ll have to home cooked meals by locals is at Marshe Bieu, known as the “Old Market” and the place where sweet Curacaoan ladies cook up authentic stews all day long!

3. ChiChi is The Ultimate Souvenir

Every destination has at least one ultimate souvenir, something that represents the country and its culture. In Curacao, that souvenir is ChiChi – a voluptuous island woman whose name means big sister.

4. Many Islanders Speak Four Languages

what is curacaoCuracao has been under the rule of many nations over the course of its history, and as a result, many languages are spoken. For some Curacaoans, knowing four languages is just a way of life. The languages spoken on the island are Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish, and English.

5. Kindness is The Way

How can you tell if someone is from the island? Curacaoans will say by their kindness! Being kind is a way of life of Curacao, and we recommend chatting with as many locals as you can during your stay! Find out for yourself just how nice the people of Curacao are.

6. Curacao Has it’s Own Mini Deserted Island

Few people know about Curacao, and even fewer know about Klein Curacao. Klein Curacao means “little Curacao,” and it’s a small island about a two-hour boat trip from Curacao. No one lives on Klein Curacao, and all that can be found on the island is an abandoned and dilapidated light house, a ship wreck, and lots of sea life.

7. U.S. Currency is Accepted Everywhere

If you’re visiting from the U.S., no need to exchange your money, U.S. currency is accepted everywhere!

8. Knip Beach is Paradise on Earth

what is curacao Curacao is definitely known for its beaches, and by far one of the best on the island is Klein Knip beach. Pristine sand, spectacular views, and the startling bright hues of the Caribbean sea combine to make this beach incredible. It’s a favorite of locals which means it’s well-worth a visit.

9. Hurricane Season is Mild

Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Curacao is underneath what is known as the “hurricane belt.” It’s very rare for the island to ever experience a hurricane.

10. Curacao is a Desert Island

We don’t often picture cacti when imagining the Caribbean, yet the landscape of Curacao is more desert-like than anything else. Yet another reason why Curacao is distinctly unique, the island gets very little rain and grows very few crops. The reason Curacao liqueur came about is because the Spanish wanted to grow oranges and instead, they got strange, small, and tart little fruits instead. The peel of those weird orange failures was discovered to be perfect for making a liqueur than has since been called Curacao!

Ready to visit? Of course you are! Curacao is idyllic in every way. The sights, sounds, experiences, and flavors of the island will steal your heart and leave you ready for more. Now that you know some of the most unique facts about the island and places to visit, you’re bound to have a spectacular trip. For the most luxurious accommodations and picture-perfect views, book your stay at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

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