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We Know Exactly How You Can Plan a Spectacular Honeymoon in 7 Short Steps

honeymoon planning tips

Will there ever be a more romantic trip in one’s life than the honeymoon? Probably not! Regardless of whether it’s a couple’s very first trip together or the 20th trip, embarking to a luxurious destination after exchanging nuptials is nothing short of spectacular!

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Amidst all the wedding planning, some couples find it challenging to take the time and find the energy to plan their honeymoon with as much vigor as the wedding. Though it may seem overwhelming during the planning stages, a well-thought out and planned honeymoon will be well worth it! To help any future couples in the honeymoon planning department, we’ve compiled a quick and easy list of honeymoon planning tips!

Step One: Plan Early

honeymoon planning tipsOnce you’ve got the date locked down for your wedding, start planning the honeymoon. Why? Give yourselves something to look forward to in the midst of all the wedding planning! Of course, you have the big day to look forward to, but it will also be nice to picture just the two of you, lounging beachside. Your upcoming, already planned honeymoon can be a source of motivation and calm!

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Step Two: Don’t Forget to Look at the Weather and The Season of Your Destination(s)

Everyone loves a relaxing Caribbean island or blissful Mexican beach, but how nice will that be if it’s pouring rain every day? Once you’ve narrowed down your list of destinations, go online and make sure the time you are planning to be there is a good time. Mostly, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t the rainy season, hurricane season, immensely hot season, etc.

*Tip – Off season will always be more affordable, if you love the rain, or don’t mind being too hot, you will be able to get a better price on everything during those times.

Step Three: Consider Who Enjoys Which Activities

What many couples don’t realize ahead of time is that they may have very different ideas of what constitutes fun. Perhaps you love to lounge all day, every day on the beach, but your significant other prefers to ride ATV’s through the jungle. If you have very different activity tastes, try to find a destination that offers a healthy range of options. Many places have relaxation and adventure! The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to be worried your love isn’t having a nice time.

Step Four: Think Off The Beaten Track

We don’t mean you need to find a 5-star lodge in the Amazon, too many bugs for starters, but even in the frequented honeymoon regions, there are hidden or less well-known spots! For example, in the Caribbean instead of Aruba, choose Curacao! Honeymooning in a less well-known but still magnificent place will feel more special, and it will be much more peaceful and secluded.

Step Five: Set a Budget

This seems like an obvious planning tip, but it made the list because when couples neglect to do this, stress may incur. Money is rarely a favorite topic, but it’s important to be upfront about how much money can go towards the honeymoon. Set your budget, stick to it as much as possible, and enjoy your honeymoon with zero financial stresses!

Step Six: Decide Whether or Not It’s Important to Honeymoon Immediately

For some couples, jetting off on an incredible getaway immediately after the wedding is important. For other couples, taking a honeymoon within the first year of marriage is fine! Depending on where you want to go, it might not make sense to go immediately after the wedding. By setting your expectations in this regard, you can plan better and alleviate stress. If going to the Maldives is your dream, but there’s no affordable flight the day after your wedding, go in a month or two! If you want to honeymoon immediately and you don’t care where you go as long as its tropical, then you’ll have more flexibility.

Step Seven: Delegate Tasks

Have a long to-do list? We bet! Unburden yourself by delegating tasks to loved ones who have volunteered to help. You can ask mom to put out alerts on low airfare. The maid of honor or best man can be in charge of compiling a possible adventure list. Have your soon-to-be spouse in charge of creating a packing list. You don’t have to do this alone! Another great resource is the honeymoon hotel or resort team! Ask them whatever you need to know, or let them know what you need help with!

Last, But Not Least, Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy!

The bottom line is that you will be in a beautiful location with the love of your life. The details will sort themselves out. No matter what, this will be the trip of a lifetime, and you will have a fantastic experience. Don’t get too busy or focused on planning that you forget to enjoy and have fun!

We hope these tips help! If you’re in the market for a slice of paradise, a Caribbean destination, or an off-the-beaten track spot, we highly recommend Curacao island with a stay at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. A honeymoon favorite, Curacao offers relaxation, culture, and adventure!


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