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Take These Steps to Create the Engagement of Her Dreams and Become a Real Life Prince Charming

unique engagement ideas

Forever is a big deal.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to find the one person you envision spending the rest of your life with… well, cheers! The question now remains – how to give your sweetheart the engagement of her dreams?!

She must be something special if you want to become her husband, and there’s no better way to simultaneously show her how much she means to you and kick-off your forever together than with a spectacular proposal.

It’s important to keep in mind, friends and family will be asking to hear your engagement story for years to come, so a word to the wise – create an engagement that will become an incredible story to tell and listen to!

Looking for Unique Engagement Ideas? Here are 5 Steps

There are an infinite number of ways to become engaged, but we’ve been cooking up some extra special ideas to assist in creating the engagement of a lifetime. To make it simple, let’s take it in steps.

Step 1 – Book Your Trip to an Idyllic Island

unique engagement ideasRecommended Island – Curacao

Sure, you could propose in your hometown, but proposing while on a getaway in paradise will definitely fit the category of “making her dreams come true.” Before you even get to the point where you’ll pop the question, the two of you will already be having an incredible time! Memories are already being made, relaxation is happening, and life will be feeling pretty swell.

Step 2 – Keep The Getaway Simple By Staying at a Resort

Recommended Resort – Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Why choose a resort? Convenience. Some getaways are made for backpacking, camping, hostel stays, etc., but for a romantic proposal, you want luxury and ease. Most resorts offer on-site dining, spas, pools, activities, and more. Not to mention you’ll have an entire resort team to help you pull off the big moment!

Escape To Curacao For A Romantic Retreat Along The Shores Of The Caribbean Sea. Explore Romance Vacation Packages.

Step 3 – Plot The Proposal

Recommended Proposal Spots on Curacao 

When planning the actual proposal, be sure to keep in mind who she is and what she enjoys. Your future fiance may not be one for an audience, if that’s the case, avoid anywhere public with onlookers. Does she live to be on the water? Opt for a romantic sunset sail proposal. Other ideas include:

  • Beach Horseback Ride Proposal – Few activities speak to romance more than riding a horse on a beach. You will seriously win best proposal award if you choose this option. (If she likes horses, that is.)
  • Ultra Romantic In-Room Proposal – It’s likely your resort room is romantic as is and will make the perfect setting for a proposal. You can arrange to have the room decorated with flower petals and candles and outfitted with champagne and delectable treats.
  • Mountain-Top Proposal – Is she fond of nature? Do you enjoy hiking together? Consider finding out where the highest peak is at your given destination, hike to the top, and then surprise her as you get down on one knee!

Step 4 – Spend the Remainder of Your Vacation Days Blissfully Engaged!

unique engagement ideasRecommendation – Let the team at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort know the happy news and they’ll be happy to bring you a celebratory dessert!

What’s the best part of already being on vacation after getting proposed to? You can keep on having the best trip of your life! The two of you will be over the moon with happiness, and you can bask in it together as you enjoy paradise together. Every activity you do, every restaurant you dine at, every drink you sip will all taste and be more magnificent than ever before.

If you’re feeling super romantic, you can plan even more fun, bonding activities and pepper them throughout your stay. Examples include:

  • Glass bottom kayaking together
  • Take a private dance lesson or two together
  • Get scuba diving certified together, or if you already are, simply go scuba diving
  • Try a completely new activity together – skydiving, mountain biking, sailing lesson

Step 5 – Plan to Return to Celebrate Years to Come!

Choosing an off-the-beaten-track slice of paradise will ensure the engagement feels like a special secret the two of you will always share. Of course, you’ll tell the romantic story for the rest of your lives, but no one else will be able to visualize and feel what it was like, except you two. Whenever you need a getaway you’ll always be able to return to your special engagement place and be reminded of your great love story.

No cliches, no run-of-the-mill story. Instead, a seriously spectacular proposal set within a place you chose from your heart. A place that spoke to your souls, and will forever more be beckoning you to return time and again!

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort has everything needed to ensure your proposal goes off without a hitch! Not only is the entire island of Curacao idyllic, but Santa Barbara beach & Golf Resort sits on 2,000 oceanfront acres. You’ll be able to choose the perfect proposal spot knowing you’ll have it all to yourselves. You can rest assured your stay will be ultra-relaxing and luxurious, as that is what Santa Barbara was made for!

For further information, special proposal requests, or anything else, contact the resort today!



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