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Travel With Your Kids to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and Have Every Family Vacation Dream Come True

Traveling in the BC years (before children) and traveling in the WC years (with children) are extraordinarily different traveling styles. Planning wasn’t necessarily a priority and “winging-it” might have been your go-to. Hah, not anymore!

Something wonderful has happened since those BC years – you grew your family! Having children is the most precious time in one’s life, but it can also be the most overwhelming time!

Though some may say it isn’t possible…

For One of the Best Vacations with Kids

Vacationing with kids is entirely possible and enjoyable, especially at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

The Caribbean, in general, is known for its relaxing atmosphere and laid-back ambiance, and Curacao is no different. Located in the southern Caribbean, just 40 miles north of South America, Curacao is a vacation paradise year-round. Nestled on its own private slice of the island lies Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, a family vacation Shangri-la. Looking for the ideal family-friendly Caribbean getaway? Here are our favorite reasons why Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is paradise for families traveling with kids:

Camp Arawak

best vacations with kidsPure bliss for both the kiddos and the parents. Happening every single day the resort is Camp Arawak, a super fun kids camp. From snorkeling to archaeological research a day in Camp Arawak will leave your kid(s) feeling excited and ready for more the next day! Whether you want some relaxation time sans-kids for an hour or two, half the day, or from 9-5, just drop your kids off at Camp Arawak and let your vacation commence. Truly, kids love Camp Arawak as the adventures change daily and there’s so much for them to do and see on the 2,000-acre resort.

No Dining Drama Here

Perhaps the number one issue many families experience while traveling is having a lack of food options. For the picky eaters in the family, this can be a frustrating scenario and one that, thankfully, need not exist while at the resort. For starters, the resort features an array of dining establishments which range from formal sit-down to grab and go. At Shore Restaurant, the resort’s delicious Caribbean restaurant, there’s a robust children’s menu featuring many of the classics – mac n cheese, hot dogs, soup, PB&J, etc.

While you nosh on authentic, flavorful island favorites, your kiddos can stick to their normal and desired favorite foods. On the flip side, if you have adventurous eaters, you’ll all be satisfied!

Abundant Activities For All Ages and Interests

benefits of sup yogaWhether your little ones are fearless and ready to plunge into the depths of the sea or are a bit timider, there are plenty of activity options for all. Nearly any activity can be enjoyed at the resort, and any that can’t can easily be arranged by the resort team! For your adventurous kids we recommend:

  • Kayaking
  • Stand up Paddling
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet Skiing (depending on age)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Swimming in sea

For the less adventurous, or more land-oriented kids:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming in pool
  • Beach play
  • Arts + Crafts

Plenty to do as a Family!

best vacations with kidsClearly, you love your children or you would have left them behind – ha, just kidding! But in all seriousness, if you can’t wait to have quality bonding time with your littlest loves, the resort has plenty of options.

  • Head out on an all day adventure to a nearby small island called Klein Curacao and check out the lighthouse, sea life, and secluded beaches.
  • Have a family day at the pool
  • Have a family spa day at Atabei Spa
  • Go on a guided kayak tour
  • Hike around the expansive property, which used to be an island plantation
  • Challenge each other to a tennis match or round of golf
  • Take a seaside yoga class together
  • Try a SUP yoga class together

… and so much more!

Plan it All Yourself OR Find Assistance at The Resort

One thing is certain when it comes to traveling with kids – having some sort of plan or itinerary is very useful. If you love to plan yourself, you can plan your daily activities at the resort ahead of time, or you can call and chat with any of the helpful resort team for assistance. Alternatively, you can plan your days out as you go while at the resort. No matter your planning style or preference, the resort’s got you covered!

Family travel is wonderful, meaningful, and stress-free at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The accommodations are spacious and comfortable, the dining is varied, and the activities are endless. You can do all the things with your family, spend your days relaxing, or kiss the kids goodbye as you drop them off at Camp Arawak. You can vacation however you wish with your family at the resort. Book your vacation today!

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