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This Holiday Season, Trade Snow For Sand, Here’s Why

Cold weather creates the holiday ambiance, right? Wrong! Though cold weather and snow traditionally represent the holiday season, feeling the spirit of the season is an internal state. No snow or cold required. For many, cold weather and snow are not ideal for vacation. We get that completely, and since we are experts at embracing the holiday season without snow, let us explain how you may do so, too!

Curacao for Christmas? Yes!

Here are four reasons why you may want to consider trading snow for sand during the holiday season, with a trip to the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Resorts Know How to Create a Magical Holiday Ambiance

We get it; holiday decor is essential for it to feel like the holiday season. Not to worry, here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, we’ve got the decor on lock. From enormous Christmas trees to life-sized Nutcrackers, the entire beach-side resort is decked head to toe in its holiday best. As you meander around the resort grounds, your spirit will feel enchanted by the holiday ambiance paired with the delicious Caribbean Sea breeze billowing around you. See, you really can have it all! Christmas cheer and sunshine!

Holiday Crowds Don’t Exist

Spending the holidays with family in the winter climate has its advantages; holiday crowds and shopping is not one of them. We’ve had many guests over the years tell us that one of their favorite reasons to visit Curacao during Christmas is get away from the chaos of being out about, anywhere, during the holidays. The grocery stores are packed, the malls are packed and trying to find a parking sot anywhere without getting into an accident is a challenge. If you prefer not to deal with any of that, trade in the chaos for the peace of our island sanctuary.

Your Vacation Won’t Only be About The Holidays

Another plus of trading in snow for sand with a trip to Curacao is that you get to enjoy the season without being tied to it. For many people, looking at the decor, baking cookies, and wrapping gifts is only one aspect of the season they enjoy. Chances are, back home everything is about the holidays in December, here in Curacao, you can enjoy mother nature, have adventures, learn about our culture, and much more.

Winter is Long, Why Spend Your Precious Vacation Time Staying in it?

Our guess who live in winter climates are often surprised that so many of their friends and family choose to stay in the cold weather during their vacation time. With limited time off each year, you might enjoy spending the holiday season under the warm Caribbean sun, knowing the cold weather will be waiting for you when you return!

There you have it, the reasons to visit Curacao this, or next, holiday season are compelling. All of you tropical birds living in a four-season state are in for a serious treat when you discover how delightful Curacao’s climate is! Truly, savor the best of both worlds at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, where you can enjoy holiday decor and traditional holiday meals alongside your beach vacation.

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