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This Caribbean Gem Has Enough Culture and Excitement For the Entire Family

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Imagine, a blissfully isolated island, piña colada in your hand, and nothing on the agenda except relaxing under the sun, and listening to waves roll in. Sound like paradise?

It might for some, and for others that might sound boring. The point is, everyone’s ideal vacation is different, and trying to find a destination that fits the needs of all, can be challenging.

For parents, a destination that has plenty in the way of entertainment for the kids, might be key.

If the extended family is all vacationing together this year, a destination that has activities suitable for all ages, from little ones to elders, is necessary.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortEven if it’s just you and your significant other on a private Spring getaway – you might have slightly different tastes in activities.

We all love to daydream about Spring break, or any sort of vacation, but when it comes down to choosing a destination it can feel more like homework than fun.

This Spring, though, the challenge and homework is over, because there’s a special Spring paradise that can fit every age and interest, and the weather happens to be spectacular year-round.

The Dutch island of Curaçao can be your Spring break paradise this season, suiting the needs of each and every person in your party, and here’s why/how:

Vue depuis le canal BeauregardAdventure Abounds

For those adventurous souls in the group – there’s a never ending supply of excitement to be had.

  • Hato Caves – Don your spelunking gear and get ready to discover the depths of Curaçao’s Hato Caves. The very first people on the island – the Amerindian Arawaks used them for shelter and left behind cave drawings and petroglyphs, estimated to be 1,500 years old!
  • Mount Christoffel – Just for a moment, swap out your flip flops for some hiking boots to trek to the top of the beautiful Mount Christoffel. The mount sits on the northern tip of the island at just over 1,200 feet. Lush trails guide you to the top, and it’s your choice how you get there – hike, bike, or even ride a horse.

The Kids Will Love ThisHerd of Ostriches

These activities will have the kids re-telling their memories for years. Be prepared.

  • Ostrich Farm – Exactly what it sounds like, Curaçao literally has a farm filled with Ostriches, and guess what? The kids can ride them. Pet them. Feed them. Even take a safari tour around the farm. Trust us, it’s worth a trip just for the hilarious pictures!
  • Water Sports Galore – Curaçao is well-known for being a mecca for scuba diving, snorkeling, floating, boating, jet skiing, swimming, and just about any other water sport you can think of. There are plenty of establishments that provide rentals and tours, or you can inquire at your resort. Either way, there’s plenty of action to keep the kids entertained, and you might even have a bit of fun too!

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortFor Those Who Simply Want to Relax

You came for a vacation right? So there’s a chance you want to sit back and simply relax? Perfect, because there’s plenty of relaxation to be had on the island.

  • Atabei Spa – There’s no better way to relax than at a Caribbean spa. The heat of the sun, rhythm of the water, goodness of the Earth and the pull of the moon combine to completely relax your mind, body, and spirit. From tranquil massages, facials, yoga retreats, and any other treatment and experience you desire, the Atabei Spa will render you completely rejuvenated.
  • Caribbean Beaches at Their Finest – Beaches! One of the most attractive features of the Caribbean! Because Curaçao is a larger island comparatively speaking, it offers a myriad of beach options. Relaxing bays, active waves, beautiful harbors, underwater parks – you can have your pick. For a little more specific beach guidance, visit here.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortLet’s All Go Together

Everyone has an idea of which activities they might want to partake in. But what about activities the whole group can enjoy together?

  • Klein Curaçao – Spend half a day, or even a full day, on a getaway from your getaway! Klein Curaçao, which simply means “Little Curaçao” is a remote coral island, featuring pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, a spectacular reef, and colorful sea life. It lies 15 miles off the southeast point of Curaçao, and is just a two-hour boat trip away.
  • A taste of Culture – Because Curaçao has a colorful history and is a cultural melting pot, there’s an immense amount of culture to experience first hand! The capital – Willemstad – is full of historical architecture and is lovely to experience on a walking tour! You can also go on ATV, buggy, or helicopter tours of the city

Kick those planning blues out of the door! You’ve got plenty of options that please the entire family, no matter the size. Even if it’s a romantic getaway just for two, there will be plenty of ways to relax, enjoy one another’s company, while also experiencing the culture.
Curaçao is truly a Caribbean gem, and will surprise and delight you throughout your entire stay. Better start planning your Spring retreat soon, though, before the most luxurious resorts get booked! Santa Barbara Beach Resort & Spa is nestled on it’s own private section of the island, and offers a pristine spa, a gorgeous beach, plenty of water and beach rentals, and an accommodating staff committed to helping you have the best experience possible

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