Some Things Are Too Good to be True, But Visiting The Caribbean in November Isn’t One of Them

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Suffice it to say, the Caribbean is paradise year-round. Without a doubt, though, there are “seasons,” each offering pros and cons for visiting during that particular season.

December through April can be described as the “busy” season, the time when the weather is at its finest, attracting vacationers wishing to flee the cold temperatures of their home towns. The crowds can be thick, and the prices high. 

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortThe Summer season, roughly June through August, is still fairly busy despite the rising temperatures. Kids are out of school, vacationing is commonplace during summer, which is why it’s still fairly busy – prices will reflect the demand.

This brings us to our favorite time of year in the Caribbean, November  through mid December. Let us explain exactly why we recommend visiting in November, with three short and sweet responses:

The Weather is Better

Hurricane season “officially” runs from September until November 30th. Yet, there are rarely hurricanes past October, if there are even any at all (it differs each year, and from island to island). Once November arrives, the weather is much calmer. Various islands throughout the Caribbean experience a bit more rain in November than other months, but that’s about it. November temperatures are typically in the high 70s up to the 80s – some of the nicest all year. No hurricanes, maybe some rain depending, and plenty of warm sunshine. It’s paradise.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortCrowd(less) Bliss

November, into the first half of December is virtually crowd-less. You can soak up the rays and float in the sea without being disturbed. Why are there so few vacationers? For starters, not many people realize the weather is as lovely as it is. Additionally, people are distracted by the holidays and/or unable to take time off of work just yet. So, if you’re one of the lucky individuals who can take time off, or if you have a specific break from work in November, OR you want an alternative Thanksgiving getaway, we suggest you hightail it on over to the Caribbean!

P.S. Expect to have an easy time renting… anything. Water sports equipment, booking excursions, making restaurant reservations will all be possible due to less demand.

The Price is Quite Nice

Ever heard of the term “shoulder season?” If not, just know it’s a magical phrase your bank account will appreciate. Because November is still (technically) considered hurricane season, and because fewer people visit in November, the prices of just about everything reflect that. Hotel rates are often significantly less than during high season. Rentals, excursions, even food will all be priced lower. There are often incredible airfare deals around this time as well. Gift yourself early this holiday season and book your trip to the Caribbean!

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortOf course the Caribbean encompasses a great deal of islands, and the experience on each will be different. To help narrow down your choices, let us recommend the island of Curaçao. Curaçao is a Caribbean gem –  it’s less well-known, culturally rich, and far enough beneath the hurricane belt it rarely experiences hurricanes (even in hurricane season).

Curacao is truly a one-of-a-kind island, and without a doubt you’ll have an incredible vacation here. For luxury and family-friendly accommodations on Curaçao, check out Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Happy planning and safe travels!

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