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There Are at Least Five Excellent Reasons to Take Your Team on a Destination Meeting

benefits of a destination meeting

We often think of taking a break from the daily grind in the form of a personal vacation, but how about helping your work team bond, learn, and retreat from the grind on a destination meeting?

Benefits of a Destination Meeting

The benefits of executing a destination meeting are plentiful. Every team deserves a chance to switch up their schedule, spend some quality time with one another, and attend an inspiring event. Investing part of your company’s budget into a destination meeting is an extremely smart move, and will result in ROI for the company in more ways than one. Here are five of our favorite reasons to plan a destination meeting:

1. Team Bonding

benefits of a destination meetingIt is said that team bonding is one of the most important investments any company can make. At the end of the day, a company is only as strong as its weakest link, and every link becomes stronger when it clicks with the other links. Even Forbes agrees to think outside the box and seek new horizons and experiences when it comes to team bonding. A destination meeting is an ideal way to foster deeper connections among your team and get everyone a little outside their comfort zones where growth will take place.

2. Stimulating New Environment

Sitting at the same desk, having the same routine, looking at the same surroundings can all get old and become less-than-stimulating. Non-stimulated team members? Not ideal. The fix here is simple – get your team out the expected and known and into the unexpected and unknown. Mixing things up and putting an event to look forward to on the calendar will work wonders for motivation.

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3. Perks of The Job

One challenge the corporate world constantly faces is attracting and keeping talent. The top candidates in any given field can afford to be choosy when it comes to choosing a company. Take a leaf out of companies like Google, and hold on to your valued team members by giving them plenty of reasons to stay. A happy work environment, plenty of growth and challenges, and awesome destination meetings to look forward to.

4. Nature’s Healing Powers

destination meetingIt’s safe to say that most companies that gather the resources to have a destination meeting choose somewhere nature-focused. Whether it’s a mountain retreat or a gorgeous ocean vista, giving your team a chance to trade in a screen for a nature view is important. Studies have shown that too much screen time can reduce concentration, not to mention trees have been proven to reduce stress and lower anxiety. The point here is – take your destination meeting to a fresh air filled, aesthetically pleasing, destination.

5. Exchange Online Interactions For In-Person Ones

In today’s age, many team members telecommute, never, or rarely, meeting their counterparts in person. Hosting a destination meeting will allow everyone to be in the same physical location to get to know one another, which will result in enhanced communication moving forward.

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