The 3 P’s of National Plan for Vacation Day

Do you have plans for January 28? If you are hoping to take a vacation in 2020, you should! The last Tuesday of January is National Plan for Vacation Day (NPVD). NPVD is a notable and worthy holiday, especially if you are planning a getaway! 

Being a new holiday, there are not the usual traditions to follow when planning for the day, but plan for the day, you must! Here are three different ways you can spend National Plan for Vacation Day. 

National Plan for Vacation Day


If you are in the planning stages for vacation, pat yourself on the back! So many don’t even get to the planning phase so never know the joys of having a family vacation. Planning is one step closer to vacationing so do it! Planning a Mexican holiday? Bring home tacos and sit at your table and plan! Destination Italy? Take the family to pizza, bring a notebook, and make an agenda! 

Wherever you plan to go, schedule a family meeting and talk through what you hope to do for your vacation this year. Beyond destination, talk about things to see, mode of transportation, and even the oft-dreaded budget. Sync your calendars and request your PTO. Few things kick vacation plans in gear faster than securing the time off. Check out pricing and make a plan to start saving! Saving a certain amount each month helps take the strain off of any big-ticket excursion.

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Remember the airplane ticket is often has the most volatile pricing so get funds set aside for that first. Then you can easily buy them when the price is right. Gather your points and check for available upgrades! Also, be sure to sign your kids up for airline points too. It may take several years, but the points can add up to free travel! 

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If you have your trip all planned out, get to purchasing already! Set aside time on Thursday to check for deals to your planned destination. Many airlines and other travel industry businesses offer deals for the holiday. Take advantage of the sales and get those tickets bought! 

Book your flights, schedule the hotel, rent a car, and check your passports or Real ID to make sure they are still current and valid. 

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Plan any extra excursions in advance for the best pricing. 

Other things to remember are to hire a house sitter, schedule the dog kennel, stop your newspaper, have the post office hold your mail, and ask the neighbors to water your plants. 

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Feeling a little strung out and need a vacation now? GO! 

Even if it’s just a weekend getaway, do it! Heck, get away for the weekend and plan your big vacation while you are gone! Hit the slopes, get tix for a game, find an indoor water park, or relax at the spa. If a weekend getaway is what you need, there is no better weekend to go! 

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When planning a weekend getaway, don’t forget the last minute things like watering houseplants, lock all outbuildings, and stop your mail.  

No matter how you plan to spend the day, make sure you plan to live it to its fullest! If you don’t acknowledge the holiday, you may miss your vacation altogether and that, my friend, would be a bummer! 

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