A Tee Time You’ll Never Forget – 5 Reasons You Need to Play The Old Quarry Golf Course

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There’s golfing and then there’s golfing somewhere in paradise.  If you’re the vacationer that goes where the golf is good, then we’ve got a pretty spectacular destination in mind for you.

Even if you don’t live, breathe and dream of golf, Curacao is still a destination you won’t want to miss.

The island of Curaçao is a serene Caribbean retreat merely 40 miles north of South America. Located outside of the hurricane belt and under-the-radar in the Caribbean, Curaçao has a truly unique blend of cultural offerings and landscapes.

Besides all of that, it’s an excellent island to play golf. Lots and lots of golf. And though there are multiple courses on the island, there’s only one Old Quarry Golf Course.

Named after the Santa Barbara Plantation’s 19th Century limestone quarry, the course was designed by renowned course designer, Pete Dye.  And Old Quarry is his Caribbean masterpiece. Why exactly? Here are six reasons to escape to Curacao and tee-off at Old Quarry.

The View

Not just one incredible view, but three. Care to guess? Of course, one of the faces of the course is ocean front. So oceanfront, in fact, that you might just get a light spritz from the sea as you set up your swing. You’ll also be treated to a magnificent view of Tafelberg Mountain on nearly all of the holes. Last, but certainly not least, is the view of Spanish Water bay. No hole goes without at least one of the three spectacular views.

The Weather

Let’s just say the Caribbean is famous for more than it’s sparkling turquoise waters. Caribbean weather in general is mighty fine, and Curaçao is no exception. It’s rare for temperatures to ever drop below 80 degrees, and due to the island’s arid climate there isn’t much rain. Sunny skies and warm temps year round, sounds pretty ideal for golf, eh?

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortThe Course

Of course, the course is the most important reason of all. What good is warm weather or a nice view if the course is sub-par? Not too worry, Old Quarry is consistently rated among the top courses in the Caribbean. For starters, it’s challenging for players of all skill levels. It isn’t a course solely for advanced players, nor is it too easy. Every hole offers a different challenge. The course was designed by the golf icon Pete Dye, who created a layout that seamlessly fits into the plantations hills and valleys. For specific details on each and every hole, visit here.  The most challenging components of the course are tradewinds and changing elevation.  The effect of the wind is noticeable right off the first tee. Aptly named, ‘The Tale of the Gale,’ the hole runs along the Caribbean Sea and if you’re not careful, the tradewinds may carry your ball out to sea

The Awards

Old Quarry doesn’t go unnoticed. Golfweek rated it as one of the best courses in the Caribbean & Mexico, and Golf Aficionado ranks Old Quarry among its Top Ten Favorite Courses.

The Pictures

What’s the point of playing golf on a course in the Caribbean with spectacular views if you don’t have photo-proof? It has never been more popular to post pictures than now, and your Insta-worthy photo opportunities are plentiful at Old Quarry.

Experience the Possibilities

Golfing Old Quarry is an incredible experience alone, but there are opportunities to make it even more unforgettable. You can take a helicopter ride directly onto the golf course. Talk about making a grand entrance! Another option is to stay and play at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Santa Barbara is incredible all on its own, with oceanfront views, a private beach, relaxing pool and spa, multiple restaurants and bars, and an insane amount of on-property activities and excursions to experience. You can even opt for unlimited golf throughout your stay.

Those are six of our favorite reasons why Old Quarry is a top-notch golf course, but the list doesn’t end there. Guess you’ll just have to come out for a round or two to discover the rest of the reasons for yourself! Book your tee time today!

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