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Saying “I Do” Somewhere Idyllic is Made Simple With These Quick Tips

Regardless of where a married couple-to-be decides to exchange nuptials, there are different planning aspects to consider. Couples who choose to get married in their home city will have to decide how to narrow down the guest list, for example. Couples opting for a destination wedding, on the other hand, may need to focus on how to get their guests to the wedding.

Most wedding planners and destination wedding venues spend more time explaining the benefits of a destination wedding than the logistics. Of course, there are a plethora of appealing benefits to having a destination wedding, which is why they’re becoming more and more popular.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

For couples considering tieing the knot in paradise, check out what our very own wedding coordinator, Vanessa Jacobus, has to say about the following destination wedding planning considerations:

How to Plan For The Guests

Even though it’s your wedding, you want to ensure that your loved ones will be able to attend! Finding a date that works well for everyone is key, especially since everyone will need a few days, at least, to travel to and from.”

Choose a date that is easy for everyone to travel, such as a long weekend or a Holiday weekend. Also, take into consideration if it is the low or high season of the given destination. Getting married during the high season means peak prices, which may not be appealing for those attending. If you can, aim for the shoulder season, which is the month or two at the tail end of the high season going into the low season. Shoulder seasons are known for having far fewer tourists and much lower prices!

Getting the Guests to Attend

In theory, all of your guests will want to attend. In actuality though, certain guests will allow certain factors to prevent their attendance. Fear of the unknown and price are usually the main two roadblocks for some.

You can help this by gathering as much information as possible about the island and the hotel and share it through your wedding website. After reading all about the idyllic setting for the wedding, most guests will be inspired to seek more information.

To assuage the cost factor, negotiate a group rate with the hotel. Guests feel more at peace knowing they will be staying at the same hotel that the event is going to be. Whether it’s on the wedding website or through email, let your guests know that you are planning a few fun activities to do together as a group, this will make everyone feel included and give them more to look forward to. Ideas include a tour of the historical part of town, a sunset sail, a hike/bike tour, riding jet skis, snorkeling, and more!

Tips For Putting the Guest List Together

It all depends on how many you want there, but the easiest way to narrow it down is to list all important family members first, maid of honor, best man, rest of the bridal party, and then other friends.

How to Build a Hybrid Itinerary

Destination weddings provide the unique opportunity to have more of a activities itinerary, since everyone is traveling further, together. There’s no need to take on the planning of the itinerary alone; we recommend close contact with your wedding planner/coordinator. Your coordinator will help you design the agenda of the wedding day, with details such as when to be ready, when the ceremony should begin, etc.

wedding planning and tips

For the days leading up to, or after, the wedding, your coordinator will have a variety of suggestions and connections to help you get everything organized and planned. We always recommend that the day before the wedding is reserved for on-site relaxation time, that way everyone arrives at the wedding refreshed and energized.

Destination weddings provide the incredible opportunity to say “I do” somewhere magical, while simultaneously creating a forum for the couple’s friends and family to bond and connect more deeply. The planning and coordinating is no more challenging than a wedding in one’s hometown, as long as you work with a skilled coordinator who can assist you every step of the way.

Thank you, Vanessa, for providing your valuable insight. For those couples considering Curacao for a destination wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out to Vanessa for all the details and logistics!

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