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Savor Every Drop, 7 Magnificent Ways to Enjoy The Caribbean Sea

how to enjoy the caribbean

It sparkles in the sun, changes hues throughout the day, and is comfortingly warm. What might these descriptors be for? Why the Caribbean Sea of course! The Caribbean dazzles all who are fortunate enough to live alongside it, visit it, or even just lay eyes upon it from afar. There are many tropical seas around the world beckoning vacationers, but the Caribbean Sea is by far one of the most magnificent.

As the dawn of the New Year approaches, we are closer to 365 days of possibilities. Over the course of the new year, do yourself a favor and plan a Caribbean getaway. A getaway to savor the delicious sea in every way possible.

How to Enjoy The Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea offers endless experiences for water lovers, beach bums, and toe-dippers. There are countless ways to interact with the sea, and we’re going to share our favorites to fully prepare you for your next Caribbean getaway.

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1. Lovingly Gaze Upon It

Immediately upon arrival to a Caribbean destination, we recommend finding a rooftop or patio perch to gaze out upon its vastness. Let your eyes soak in the perfect ombre of its turquoise hues.

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2. Breathe It In

First thing in the morning, late at night as the breeze envelops your skin, breathe in its salty scent.  

3. Saturate Your Pores

Now that your sight and smell have had an introduction, it’s time to feel the Caribbean’s embrace. Stroll down to the beach and wade into the warm sea. Let it saturate your pores, bathe your skin, and refresh your spirit! Swim, float, or just dip your toes in from the shore.

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4. Glide Atop It

Now that you’ve been thoroughly introduced, it’s time to get out there and adventure! There are so many ways to whiz across the sea. Hop in a kayak and gently paddle your way around. Don your sailing gear and head out into the Caribbean wind for a day of blissful sailing. Cover lots of sea “ground” via a jet ski or speedboat. Have a local take you on a tour or DIY.

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5. Say Hi to its Inhabitants

We aren’t the only ones who love the sea; there are millions of colorful and fascinating creatures that call it home. The best way to meet the sea life is with a guided tour by a local who knows all about it. Don some snorkel gear, or dive deeper with a scuba trip.

6. Enjoy its Bounty

The Caribbean Sea is teeming with sustenance, and you can try your hand at extracting a fish or two on a fishing trip! Catch something delicious, and have your hotel chef grill it up for you!

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7. Yoga Atop It

On a calm day, with an anchor in hand, and a knowledgeable instructor, attempting yoga on a paddleboard is quite the experience! SUP yoga as it’s called, is yet another way to enjoy all the Caribbean Sea has to offer.

Whether you prefer to stay dry, or simply can’t wait to dive to the depths of the sea, the Caribbean offers an experience for everyone. Simply gazing out upon the sea from a beautiful location is soul-satisfying alone. Do exactly that, and any of the above-mentioned activities, at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on Curaçao.

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