Santa Barbara. California or Caribbean? Here’s What You Need to Know

Santa Barbara, Curacao Beach

This is the story of Santa Barbara. No, not Santa Barbara, California. Rather, Santa Barbara Resort, Curacao. Curacao’s Santa Barbara has many similarities to California’s Santa Barbara, and we’re going to paint a picture that captures the many similarities while distinguishing the Caribbean’s version.  A paradise resort that is a destination of its own.

The Story of Santa Barbara. No, Not California.

Instead of Southern California, Picture the Southern Caribbean

Way down in the southwest Caribbean, you’ll find the “C” of the ABC islands; Curacao. Whereas Santa Barbara, California is located in Southern California, Santa Barbara resort is located on the southwest tip of Curacao, which is located in the southern Caribbean. That’s a whole lot of “souths.”

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Both Santa Barbaras are Known For Spectacular Beaches

People in the U.S. flock to Santa Barbara, California to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Those in the know about Curacao (it’s a bit more off-the-beaten-track), flock to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort for the same reason, Caribbean-style. Though the beaches in southern California are nice, they don’t light a candle to the beaches of Curacao! We’re talking pristine white-sand, sparkling turquoise hues, and that delicious Caribbean breeze.

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Santa Barbara is known for its Mountainous Coastline

One feature that makes Santa Barbara, California unique compared to other beach areas of California, is the magnificent mountain range adjacent to its coastline. Santa Barbara, Curacao, is similar. Throughout the grounds of Santa Barbara Resort, there are views of the on-site Tafelberg Mountain. One of the tallest peaks on the island, Tafelberg is a handsome mountain and steals the landscape show completely being set adjacent to the Caribbean seaside. The peak idyllically sits on the property of Santa Barbara, and the best views of it are from the Old Quarry golf course. At Santa Barbara Resort, you can have your sea and your mountains, too.

A Colorful History and a Flavorful Culture

Both Santa Barbaras have had their fair share of interesting historical happenings, but Curacao has had a few more chapters than California. From the ancient Arawak people living off the land, to The Kingdom of The Netherlands landing and taking over the show, Curacao has had a tumultuous and adventurous history. For a more in-depth breakdown on the fascinating history of Curacao, read this blog. The impact of the island’s history today is its mixture of Dutch and Caribbean cuisine, languages, and cultural traditions.

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Both Santa Barbaras have beaches, mountains, and culture. The two destinations share some similarities, in the best ways possible, but they are quite distinct. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is the absolute picture of paradise. Nestled seaside within a 2,000-acre plantation, it’s truly a destination of its own. Here you can experience travel and vacation; relaxation and adventure. We invite you to discover the Caribbean’s very own Santa Barbara. While it’s not the only one, it’s one-of-a-kind.

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