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Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is Leading the Way on Sustainability on Curacao

sustainability initiatives

More people and organizations, than ever before, are rallying together to make moves to help mitigate the damage happening to the planet. With new data continually being accumulated on the adverse effects of human waste and pollution, the momentum to clean up our act, literally and figuratively, is going strong.

New Impactful Sustainability Initiatives on Curacao

Even way down in the southern portion of the Caribbean, where the idyllic island of Curacao lies, the sustainability movement has taken hold. Nature surrounds us everywhere, but the Caribbean, in particular, is familiar with the delicate balance between nature’s power and human existence. Curacao has rarely been ravaged by hurricanes the way other nearby islands have, but it has still felt the damage of such traumatic events, as well as the damage of pollution to the seas and the coral reef.

One of Curacao’s largest and most luxurious resorts, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, has recently implemented an array of sustainability efforts, including:

Styrofoam Removal

sustainability initiativeSanta Barbara is Curacao’s first hotel to remove all styrofoam and plastics from the food and beverage service. Despite having 350 rooms, all plastic straws, plastic cups, stirrers, styrofoam containers, and to-go boxes have been swapped for environmentally friendly alternatives. This includes high quality, extra durable paper products, biodegradable products, and recyclable goods. More specifically:

  • Coffee stirrers have become BAMBOO
  • Plastic straws have become paper straws, and all guests are now asked if they want a straw, rather than assuming
  • Hot cups are now recycled and biodegradable
  • Cold cups have become paper cups
  • To-go boxes are made of biodegradable paper
  • Paper napkins are made of fully recycled paper

Next time you’re visiting Curacao, you can rest a little more soundly at Santa Barbara knowing that your visit is making a smaller environmental footprint. It’s also possible that by the time you visit, more initiatives will have begun, and your footprint may be closer to none at all! The team at Santa Barbara is committed to preserving the stunning natural landscape of the Caribbean and is always looking for more ways to do just that.  

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