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Recently Engaged? 5 Reasons Curacao Is The Best Destination Wedding Location

best destination wedding location

Now that the holidays have passed let’s do a count – raise your hand if you became engaged? Silliness aside, it’s no joke that the most proposals occur each year during the holiday season. Come January, post-New Year’s Eve excitement, a dose of reality often hits – “I’m getting married!” A wedding needs to be planned!

Wedding planning is an exciting time, and becomes even more so once one fundamental choice is made – to have a destination wedding or not? The reality of wedding planning in 2018 is that it’s costly and challenging (if not impossible) to limit the guest list. The simplest way to address those issues is to have a destination wedding.

Couples are often happy to dream about saying “I do” amidst palm trees and sunshine, but some worry that many of the guests won’t be able to make the journey or that it’ll be too costly.

Guests not being able to make the journey is typically part of the appeal of a destination wedding – only those guests who are your fondest supporters, i.e., family and close friends, will be happy and excited to travel with you to be present on the big day. As a result of having fewer guests, the cost of the wedding goes down. It’s a win-win!

Why This Unexpected Caribbean Paradise is the Best Destination Wedding Location

Once you’ve agreed that a destination wedding is exactly what you want, the next important choice arises – where to have the wedding. On this topic, we can easily answer – Curaçao. We love our little island, and to paint a picture as to why it’s ideal for a wedding, we’ve asked Vanessa Jacobus, the Wedding Coordinator at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, to explain:

A Caribbean Island Outside the Hurricane Belt

best destination wedding location


Dreaming of the Caribbean? Exchanging nuptials on a Caribbean island is as dreamy as weddings come, but sometimes the constraints of hurrican season are off-putting. Fortunately, this isn’t the case on Curaçao as it lies outside of the hurricane belt, making it highly unlikely for bad weather to ruin your beautiful day in September or October – two favorite wedding months. It’s also important to note – you can get married any time of year on Curacao, the weather is delightful year-round!

Breathtaking Open Air Venues

Whether it is on the beach, on a golf course, or in the beautiful garden of a traditional land house, there are plenty of open-air venues that can be transformed into the most beautiful wedding venues you’ve ever laid eyes on! Whatever wedding theme you’re envisioning, there’s a venue on Curaçao to realize it – except anything to do with snow or winter.

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Wide Variety of Local and International Cuisine

Curaçaoan food is mouth-wateringly delicious, as is most food throughout the Caribbean. Think freshly caught lobster, flavorful stews, and more. If the local fare doesn’t excite your palate, you can request any type of cuisine, and the globally-trained chefs will make it happen. Indeed, Chef Hortencia at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, for example, has studied culinary arts in Europe and is well-versed in a variety of cooking styles and techniques.

You can opt to have your wedding guests enjoy a taste of the Caribbean, or choose to feature home-grown fare instead, or have a blend of the two!

Everyone Can Enjoy a Mini Vacation

best wedding destination location

Curaçao is a vacation destination featuring equal parts sea and land adventures. You can encourage your guests to arrive a few days prior or stay a few days after the wedding, to thoroughly enjoy all that Curaçao has to offer! Relax on pristine beaches, go snorkeling, visit an Ostrich farm, taste Curaçao liqueur, or learn to scuba dive – there’s a limitless supply of relaxation and fun to be had.

If you, and your guests, are culture-oriented travelers, Curaçao is still the ideal destination. The island has a rich culture dating back hundreds of years. Many colonial powers played a role in the development of the island from the Spanish, the Portuguese, the British, and – still today – the Dutch. There are dozens of museums, cultural tours, and historic sites to explore.

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Hidden Venue Options

Vanessa already touched upon the variety of venues available, and she has further explained that Curaçao also features hidden locations that can be converted into incredible wedding venues. Meaning, there are gorgeous natural settings around the island that one might not recognize as conducive for a wedding, yet with the help of a local wedding planner, can be transformed into spectacular wedding venues. To truly get a picture of this, you’ll have to speak to a local planner or, better yet, visit the island to discover for yourself!

Sun, sand, and sea combine to make Curaçao a small slice of paradise. Mix in the various cultures of the locals, and you’ve got a recipe for a truly unique destination wedding. Skip the Cancun’s and Jamaica’s, and instead opt for somewhere a bit more off-the-beaten-track. On Curaçao, you won’t be surrounded by droves of tourists, but rather pristine nature and culture!

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is a premier wedding venue choice on the island, and its 2,000 acres of wilderness and range of on-site activities make it the perfect place to say “I do” and vacation with your closest loved ones!

If you’re recently engaged – congratulations! You may find our Caribbean Wedding Guide helpful as you plan your big day! You can download it here.


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