Five Ways To Restore Your Spirit in Curacao

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Life and the holidays have two things in common: they can leave us feeling worn-out, overwhelmed, and unwell. Yes, the holidays can be magical and exciting, and yes life can be full of wonder and joy. As with anything, though, there are ups and downs, good years and bad years.

For anyone feeling a little down, we’d like to suggest a way to re-charge, release that which no longer serves, and start fresh in 2019: take a getaway to Curacao. Down in the Caribbean, life moves at a slower pace, there’s a fierce connection to nature, and the beautifully warm climate is like a comforting hug of the soul.

How to Plan a Relaxing Vacation in Curacao

Does this sound like exactly what you need? Let’s get even more specific! Here are five ways to reset your spirit in Curacao.

1. Quit The Agenda, Your Phone, and Scrolling

Enough already! That is what our brains are often yelling at us in the background as we obsess over our schedules, spend all day in communication with the world, and constantly look at the highlight reel of others lives on social media. When you escape to Curacao, you can give your brain the reprieve it craves and spend a few days with no agenda, leave your phone in your room or on airplane mode, and live your own highlight reel! Trust us; Curacao will be quite the highlight!

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2. Trade in Screens For Delicious Views

Instead of having your energy drained from staring at screens all day, refuel by drinking in the energy of the abundant nature in Curacao. Sparkling blue hues, swaying palm trees, and long stretches of sand will work wonders to restore your spirit and leave you feeling light and happy.

a relaxing vacation

3. Savor The Caribbean Pace

Have you ever heard of the term, “island time?” It’s a real thing on Curacao. Being on the island, it doesn’t take long to get anywhere or do anything, and as a result, the culture is one that moves much slower than what you’re (likely) used to. There is no rush; you can spend your entire vacation walking, talking, and moving slow. A slower pace of life is immensely calming to the nervous system, which will lower your levels of adrenaline and stress.

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4. Allow Mama Earth to Soothe

Perhaps our favorite way to reset of them all, floating in the Caribbean Sea. Is there anything better than floating in warm ocean water? Nope, not to us! Talk about utter relaxation. Floating is one way to immerse yourself in the sea, but you can also snorkel, scuba dive, or swim! You might literally feel your worries and anxieties float away…

a relaxing vacation

5. Invite in What it is You Lack

Generally, we find that most vacationers seek either total relaxation or total adventure while visiting Curacao. Those who are so busy back home that they are unable to devote time to hobbies, sports, and passions, spend their time on Curacao adventuring. Those who are so busy with work and hobbies, often visit to simply lounge; to just be. Whatever it is you lack time to do back home, you can devote your Curacao getaway to. For example, if you love to swim, play tennis, and read for hours, then you can do that all day, every day here!

So you see, a trip to Curacao will restore your mind, body, and soul in more ways than one. These five ways are only the tip of the iceberg, truly Curacao is a healing island, and the ways in which it will bring you wellness and healing will only be discovered upon visiting! Book your stay with us today, and commit to your well-being!

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