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Paradise Awaits: Honeymoon Planning Tips to Keep You on Track

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

A week or two spent in blissful newlywed-ed paradise is about the closest thing to shangri-la most of us will ever get on this planet. From the first steps over the threshold, through the remaining days of fun in the sun, your honeymoon will be unforgettable.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort While you and your significant other are in the midst of planning an entire wedding, it can be challenging to find the time to also plan a honeymoon. What many folks don’t realize is that there’s more research needed in planning a honeymoon than they may think. When strapped for time and energy, couples often opt for the all-inclusive, easy-to-plan style honeymoons, but those destinations are frequently overcrowded and lack authentic culture and style. Once the happy chaos of the wedding is over, wouldn’t it be lovely to relax in a peaceful paradise, away from it all, yet still filled with culture and entertainment? To ensure your special post-wedding time is as idyllic as possible, consider using the following tip to help guide you through the planning process:

Know Your Seasons

It would be a drag if it downpours every single day of your honeymoon. Nearly all tropical paradises have a rainy season. On the other hand, be sure to research when the high tourist season is, at any given location, so you can try to avoid being there in the middle of it.

You Get What You Pay For

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Truer words have never been spoken. Would you rather have the steak from Outback, or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse? If you’re seeing an uncommonly competitive rate for a seemingly luxurious location, check the weather, the season, and everything else. Try to avoid being tricked into a good deal, when it turns out the good deal exists because it’s a less than ideal time to vacation in that spot!

Think Original

Hawaii is beautiful there’s no disputing that, but think of how many other remote slices of paradise exist in the world! Go somewhere your friends have never been, travel to an area of the globe you haven’t yet visited yet. There are so many beyond incredible honeymoon spots that are less well known, but offer so much more!

Share The Planning

When it comes to the wedding, splitting up the tasks can save time and energy, but when it comes to the honeymoon plan it together. The last thing you want is to arrive at a destination you love, just to find out it isn’t what your significant other had in mind. Be honest with one another about what type of location you desire to travel to, and what types of activities you enjoy.

Seek a Location With Balance

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortYou might think ahead of time that all you want to do is lay out on the beach all day, or that you want to be adventuring all day everyday… but chances are you’re going to crave a bit of both. Weddings are wonderful, but they can be exhausting, expect some much needed time for R&R. After a day or two of total relaxation, you may well be ready for some hiking, water sports, cultural activities and more. Definitely seek out a location that has an ample supply of both.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out

Guess what? Internet research will only get you so far most of the time. There are representatives at every resort, hotel, or villa that will be more than happy to answer any questions, and help you plan. You don’t have to do this all on your own! You’ve got enough on your plate with the wedding planning, so take a little stress off of your to-do list with some expert guidance.

Above all else, plan ahead. Get the planning process started at least six months ahead of time, otherwise the best locations, resorts, and even excursions, can be booked up already. Your honeymoon will be one of the most memorable trips of your entire life, and with a little preparation, it will be even greater than you could’ve ever imagined.

For some expert help and an idyllic location in the Caribbean, contact the wedding and honeymoon experts at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on Curacao Island today! Curacao is off the beaten-Caribbean-path, and provides an excellent balance of serenity and excitement.

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