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Misconceptions about Hosting a Destination Meeting in Curacao

When it comes to choosing a destination for a destination meeting, the are many important considerations. Most of the time, corporations and companies wish to take their teams somewhere tropical, to combine business and pleasure. It’s a way to foster bonding within the organization, while also having quality time to learn, create, and align as a team. Vacation destinations prove useful for such endeavors, and the Caribbean is by far one of the most popular destinations for corporate meetings.

What to Know About Curacao

The Caribbean, as a region, is quite vast and filled with a variety of cultures and nationalities. We’ve been noticing that a variety of misconceptions about our island, Curacao, have begun to spring up as a by-product of issues that have plagued other islands. Today we want to speak into what some general misconceptions are about Curacao so that you can rest assured your destination meeting will always have a home in paradise right here on Curacao. 

Safe From Hurricanes

Curacao lies outside of the hurricane belt. Many islands within the Caribbean that lie within direct, known hurricane pathways and get hit hard, again and again. You can easily research which islands have been ravaged by hurricanes in the past decade. Fortunately, Curacao sits beneath the hurricane belt and is rarely ever touched by one. It’s ranked within the top 5 safest islands in terms of hurricane activity. 

Peaceful Country

Natural disasters aside, Curacao is also an incredibly peaceful country. Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and all people on the island get along peacefully. The island is a giant mixing pot of cultures, with the main four being Dutch, African, Caribbean, and Latin. Curacao is in the southern portion of the Caribbean, a mere 25 miles from South America. There is no political or cultural unrest. 

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No Dangerous Wildlife or Diseases

During your destination meeting on Curacao, you won’t have to worry about dangerous wildlife or diseases; there are none. 

Friendly to All

The people of Curacao are incredibly accepting and loving of all humanity. Out of all of the Caribbean islands, Curacao is known to be one of the most LGBT-friendly. Each year there is a massive Pride parade and celebration. No matter who you are or what you believe in, Curacao will welcome you with open arms. 

So for all of the meeting planners and corporate planners, let it be known that Curacao is an incredibly safe Caribbean island. As you begin to plan your destination meeting, we highly recommend considering Curacao; you’ll be able to rest assured that the experience will be peaceful, memorable, and utterly relaxing. The main worry you’ll have is remembering to re-apply sunscreen. 

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