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Six Mindfulness + Meditative Practices to Weave Into Your Next Vacation

How to Relieve Stress On Vacation

Vacation is a word that can encompass many things. For some, a vacation is a chance to dive deep into the culture of another country, and for others, it means sipping on piña coladas by the pool all day long. One thing is for certain though; a vacation is a chance to press pause on stress to press play on relaxation.

How to Relieve Stress On Vacation

This day in age vacations are becoming more and more needed as a way to release stress and bring a greater sense of inner peace to our lives. Whatever your vacation style is, we have some suggestions on how to weave mindfulness practices into your next getaway.

How to Relieve Stress On Vacation

1. Meditatively Stroll Through the Surrounding Nature

Chances are, you tend to choose vacation destinations that are incredibly scenic.

Whether it’s a tropical beach, majestic mountains, or an enchanting European town, use your surroundings for a meditative stroll. Take in the sights, whether they’re brand new or your already familiar with them, by going for a slow, silent stroll. As you walk, be extra mindful to pay attention to every detail. Notice each and every scent, sight, sound, taste (if applicable), and touch. Take in full deep breaths, and every time you find your mind wandering to a thought or a judgment, just come back to the sensory feedback. You could start each day with this practice if it appeals to you.

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2. Take Advantage of The Movement Opportunities

The verdict is in, and it’s unanimous that movement is a key component of our health and happiness. Studies indicate just how crucial it is to get our bodies upright and moving as often as possible, and what better time to do that than while on vacation?

We don’t mean you need to spend hours at the gym each day while on vacation, but it could be fun to take advantage of whatever is offered at your resort. Any of the following may be available on your next vacation, depending on where you visit and stay:

  • Beachside yoga
  • Traditional dance lessons
  • Hikes through nearby mountains
  • Stand up paddling
  • Aqua fitness at the resort pool

how to reduce stress on vacation

3. Bask in the Luxury of Time

One of the key differences between a vacation and everyday life is that you have the luxury of time. Instead of waking up on a Monday rushing to get to work on time, in and out of meetings, with only a few hours to decompress in the evenings, and then bed, you have time to do whatever you please.

Time is now a luxury you do have, and one of the most healing mindful practices is to allow yourself to bask in that luxury. Wake up slow, move slowly in the morning, sip on your coffee and read a book, release the need for a strict schedule. Even if there are all sorts of activities you want to fit into your vacation, encourage yourself to view time abundantly.

4. Mindfully Savor the Cuisine

How often do we eat on the go? While scrolling through social media? In between appointments? Throughout our weekly routines, eating can become more of a need to refuel, but on vacation, eating can be one of the most joyful mindful practices of all. Allow yourself plenty of time for each meal, and once you begin eating, savor every bite. Notice each flavor, the way the texture of the food feels, and chew for longer. Feel gratitude for each delicious and nourishing bite.

5. Sprinkle in Gratitude Meditations

It is said what we focus on grows, and if that’s true, then focusing on feeling grateful while on vacation will mean we get more vacations in our lives! We recommend taking five minutes, or longer if desired, during each day of your vacation and finding a peaceful spot to sit. After getting into a comfortable seat, on the ground or on a chair, close your eyes and bring the feeling of gratitude into each cell of your body. Energize your entire body with gratitude and visualize all that you are grateful for.

6. Be Pampered

Last, but certainly not least, is to pamper yourself. No matter where you are staying chances are there’s a spa onsite, or nearby. Treat yourself to a massage, facial, scrub, reiki healing, or whatever other spa services are available.

Between all of these mindful practices, we are certain you will release stress and find a deeper sense of inner peace than ever before! Who knows, you may enjoy some of these practices so much you’ll incorporate them into your everyday life!

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