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Have Your Kosher Wedding in The Caribbean, Here’s How

How to Host a Kosher Wedding

What is a Kosher Wedding?

Eating is an incredibly spiritual experience, or at least it can be. Eating is how we nourish our physical bodies so that they continue to house our spirits. In the Jewish faith, eating is a way to celebrate that union, and during a wedding reception, it’s a way to simultaneously celebrate the union of two spirits. A Kosher wedding is a wedding that follows the dietary and food preparation laws laid out in the Torah. A Kosher wedding follows all of those laws fully and without exception.

Kosher Weddings at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Surprising to those who do not live on Curacao, there is a vibrant Jewish community on Curacao. One of the oldest synagogues in the Caribbean is right here on the island. Jewish couples often choose to exchange nuptials on Curacao, and many of those couples require a Kosher wedding. To ensure the wedding is fully kosher without any hiccups, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort works with Tres Chic, a wedding planning company that specializes in Kosher weddings.

Tres Chic Wedding Planners

Tres Chic provides Kosher catering and a Rabbi who oversees the kitchen and food preparation throughout the entire process. Tres Chic is based in Panama, and oftentimes everything and everyone gets sent over from Panama.

For those smaller Kosher weddings or weddings arranged more last-minute, the local island Rabbi, Rabbi Silver, is available to come to supervise the cooking and the kitchen preparations as well. The kitchen team at Santa Barbara is able to prepare Kosher food, and with the supervision of Rabbi Silver, the end result is just as wonderful as when Tres Chic arranges everything.

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The main steps that must be taken to accommodate a Kosher wedding are as follows

  1. One part of the kitchen is sectioned off to be used for Kosher preparations.
  2. Bar items are assessed to ensure only those that are Kosher are used.
  3. During Shabbat, all elevators are placed on automatic.
  4. Resort team members are placed strategically around the resort to assist with opening and closing doors, etc.

As you can see, having a Kosher wedding is fully possible! It simply takes some advance preparation and clear communication with the resort. For those couples contemplating a Kosher wedding at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, rest assured that your wedding will not only be Kosher, but it will be spectacular! You get to have your Kosher wedding and enjoy the magnificent Caribbean setting. If you have any further questions about having your wedding at Santa Barbara, please contact us!

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