Good Stuff Series: Scuba Diving Certification

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Heading off to the Caribbean for a vacation is an incredible experience regardless of what you do. One of the benefits of visiting the Caribbean is getting to experience the myriad of available adventures. Many people visit our little island, Curacao, to relax beachside for a week, without even realizing what else is available. There’s so much “good stuff” to do, see, and experience in Curacao and we want to bring your awareness to as much of it as possible!

Get Your Scuba Diving Certification in Curacao

Today’s Good Stuff Series is highlighting scuba diving. Few experiences compare to the sheer magnificence of exploring the world under the sea. Gazing at the colorful corals and swimming alongside tropical fish is pure magic. Though it’s entirely possible to see corals and marine life while snorkeling, there’s even more to see and enjoy while scuba diving. Often, guests of the island do not scuba dive because they have not yet been certified. While staying at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, that is not an issue whatsoever! You can get your scuba certification in three days. Here’s everything you need to know:

Stay For a Week, Leave With Your Scuba Cert

To safety scuba dive, you must have a scuba diving certification. To get the certification, you must go through a PADI certification course, which is usually a three-day experience. Next time you visit Curacao, stay for a week and have plenty of time to relax while also having three solid days to play under the sea and learn the skills needed for diving below the surface.

scuba diving certification in curacao

All You Need to Know is How to Swim

Scuba diving is actually quite simple; there’s not much else you need to know how to do prior to the three-day course, other than how to swim. Once you sign up for the certification course prepare by getting excited, practicing swimming (if you wish, not required), and releasing yourself of the fear of the unknown.

Once You’re Certified, You Can Dive Anywhere You Choose

Getting certified in Curacao is the same as getting certified in Thailand. PADI is a global organization, and your certification will be filed with PADI allowing you to take your new skills and dive wherever you choose.

Epsilon Dive Center is a 5-Star Center

PADI has dive centers around the world, and only the centers that are the most innovative and community-oriented are given the title of 5-Star. Santa Barbara’s very own dive center, Epsilon, is one such business. You can rest assured every piece of your diving experience(s) will be safe, connected, fun, and stimulating. The dive instructors are extremely passionate about what they do!

This vacation season, stay at Santa Barbara to play, relax, and learn a new skill! Scuba diving is a thrilling experience that will leave an impression on your heart and soul. Get started booking your certification course and your stay at the resort right here.

We look forward to seeing the joy on your face as you tell us all about the wonders you saw under the sea!

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