Good Stuff Series: Are You Ready for Some Tennis?

Curacao – your ultimate vacation destination for white-sand beach relaxation, spectacular nightlife …. And tennis? Why not? At Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, you can up your vacation game at the Tafelberg Tennis Center with Tennis Director and Canadian Tennis pro Jon Kooy. 

Tennis in Curacao

Tennis is a good way to stay in shape and refresh your spirits while basking in the warm Caribbean breeze. The courts are also well lit so you can start or end your day with a match. 

In this segment of The Good Stuff Series, watch Kooy and resort general manager Rob de Bekker spar before de Bekker takes on Curacao Jr. Davis Cup qualifier, Noah Martis. All in good fun of course. 


Have you ever taken a trip only to return feeling like you needed another trip to get rested up? Vacation should be a complete getaway, but if not planned carefully, you could return just as worn and tired as you were when you got there. If you are there for rest, get rest! But be sure to move around to refresh your mind. If you are needing to rejuvenate, take adventures and see the sights. And if you are in search of refreshment, be sure that you plan time and activities that infuse some soul!

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Whether you are in Curacao for relaxation, rejuvenation, or refreshment, Tennis is an excellent activity to put on your must-do list. Tennis is known to boost your mood, lower your blood pressure, and is a great stress reliever. 

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Tennis in Curacao looks a bit different, maybe even more luxurious than your local court. Enjoy the cool hydrogrid clay turf for a daytime match or light up the night because our courts are fully lit for evening games. 

At the resort, you can perfect your game with private lessons, challenge an opponent to a match, or thwack the ball over the net time and time again until you’ve perfected your serve. Check the schedule, there may even be a clinic planned. If you’d rather watch than participate, you can cheer from the sidelines at a tournament. 

Novice or tennis buff, hang out with a fellow racketeer and enjoy the challenge. Check out the tennis program at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort and make your plans today. 

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