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Time For a Girlfriend Getaway? Head to Curacao For The Trip of a Lifetime

girlfriend getaway ideas

Gut-splitting laughter. Memories you’ll be telling your future (or current) children time and again. All the wine, chocolate, cocktails, and food.

Ahhh, a girlfriends getaway. Quite possibly one of the most satisfying types of vacations in existence. No experience is quite as exciting and sweet as vacationing with your girls.

Though the girlfriends getaway itself is always fabulous, it isn’t always glamorous or fun to plan the trip. You want to spend your time together relaxing and having fun, not worrying about planning or figuring out logistics, right? If that’s the case, we have the perfect destination in mind for you – Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Less famous than some of the Caribbean’s other islands, Curacao is a delightful respite from everyday life and is less touristy and vacationer-clad than many of its neighbors.

For Girlfriend Getaway Ideas, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Is All You Need

Even more compelling, though, is Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. A complete oasis nestled on over 2,000 acres of oceanfront land, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is the ideal girlfriends getaway venue, and here’s why:

Stress Levels Sub-Zero

girlfriend getaway ideasIt’s no easy feat finding a time where all of you girls can get together to spend quality time, right? So once you’re on that getaway together there should be no stress or issues getting in your way! This is easily made possible at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort because everything you’ll need or want is on-property! Multiple restaurants, bars, and cafes are available every day. The accommodations are luxurious and within easy walking distance of the resort’s many amenities. If you need to figure anything out, simply ask any of the friendly Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort team members and they’ll happily assist you.

All The Options

Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you have identical tastes and hobbies! Amy might want to go for a run first thing every morning, but Katie might prefer to sleep in and then take a relaxing seaside yoga class. The options are endless at Santa Barbara, and every single member of your girls getaway can enjoy the vacation however she pleases. Further examples include:

  • Plentiful dining options to serve the cuisine needs for all
  • Beach lounging or water activities are readily available
  • A fitness center, spa, and miles of running trails are available
  • Stay at the resort all day every day, or head out on excursion

Plan Your Curaçao Vacation…

Be Together or Apart

Being together is amazing. Being together 24/7 might be a bit much. It’s super easy to have pockets of time apart, at the resort, since there’s so much to do and it’s so expansive! Head out on a peaceful stroll by yourself, go for a swim alone, go get a solo massage, etc. Be together as much or as little as you desire, without worrying about losing someone or getting lost.

Poolside Service

girlfriend getaway ideasLaugh, swim, exchange stories, and rest all day long together poolside. You won’t need to run to the bar or pack up and head to the restaurant. At Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort you can enjoy poolside service and have even more time to hang out with the girls and relax.


Spa Dates

Is any girlfriends getaway complete without at least one spa date? We think not! At any point during your stay at Santa Barbara, you can head over to the immensely calming Atabei Spa, and get pampered together! The Atabei Spa offers a wide array of spa treatments and packages, so all you’ll have to do is choose which ones you want!

The best part is the Atabei Spa is on-property, so you can keep the relaxation going all day or night long!

Easily Organized Excursions + Activities

benefits of sup yogaOf course, you can spend your entire getaway relaxing pool or beach side, but you also have the option to go out and adventure! Without planning anything yourselves (unless you wish to!). Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort offers a variety of excursion and activity packages you can choose from. If, for some reason, you don’t see the activity you want to do, just chat with the front desk team and they’ll help you organize whichever excursion or activity you wish to go do.

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Get Dressed Up or Keep it Cozy

Do you and the girls love to get dressed up? Fabulous! Do you girls prefer to keep it cozy? Perfect! As far as dressing up or down goes, it’s entirely up to your group. As mentioned Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort features an array of dining establishments. Shore is the resort’s fine dining establishment, and the perfect setting for you girls to don your evening attire. The rest of the resort’s establishments are fairly laid-back and will welcome you in loungewear, island wear, cozy or fancy clothes, it doesn’t matter!

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Being able to enjoy each other’s company for days on end somewhere as beautiful as Curacao will be a dream come true. Life can get so busy, and we can all become so bogged down with work and responsibilities. The time you are granted to spend with each other is precious! Savor every single drop. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort was designed with relaxation, quality time, and enjoyment in mind.

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