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Get to Know Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort: Meet Heather Roose

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is becoming more and more popular as a meeting destination and corporate incentive destination. Who better to find out the inside scoop as to why, than Heather Roose, the Group Sales Manager for Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Meetings – Get to Know Heather Roose

Recently we took some time to chat with her and ask all of our burning questions. For those of you still searching for the ideal meeting getaway, we recommend taking a moment to read what she has to say.

Heather, first and foremost, we want to better understand what you do for the resort. Can you briefly share with us the details of your position?

Heather Roose, Group Sales Manager

“I am the Group Sales Manager for the Mid-West and Western United States and Canada. I sell ‘fun’ for a living; sometimes people are truly surprised that selling hotel rooms to corporations for their top incentive winners is really a job. I am fortunate that I get to travel back and forth to Curacao selling our beautiful AAA Four Diamond resort.”

Why has Santa Barbara become a hot spot for meeting experiences?

“Curacao is a lesser-known Caribbean Island, and groups are always looking for something new and different for their attendees. Curacao offers an exclusive, European feel with all of the comforts of home. Santa Barbara is situated on a 2,000-acre private plantation, making it the ideal mix of Curacao culture and the modern amenities groups are looking for. The property features many many spaces for groups to gather, network, and meet outside of the meeting room. Why not host your breakout on the beach with a quick game of beach volleyball?”

benefits of a destination meeting

What are some of the unexpected “secrets” of holding a meeting at Santa Barbara? 

“We are located in a private, gated 2,000-acre plantation, and we have everything you need right on the property. We specialize in curating any meeting theme; culinary, wellness, teambuilding or community service perspective, all without having to leave our resort! This helps meeting planners work within their client’s budgets because it cuts down on transportation costs.”

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In your observation, how do the meeting participants feel during the experience at Santa Barbara?

Special! One of the guiding principles for the staff at Santa Barbara is “dushi service.” The word “dushi” means sweet or sweetheart. So, “Dushi Service” is taking the Dutch culture of the people who work at Santa Barbara and portraying that into exceptional service.”

What do you wish for future corporations and organization’s to know before booking one of the meeting venues at Santa Barbara?

“Even though we are a little known destination compared to our neighbor Aruba, and there are seemingly more steps to come here, combine our safe territory, Dutch (European) Culture, culinary expertise, and exclusive feel, your event is sure to be one of the most memorable.”

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How did you come to work at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort?

“I was blessed to meet Scott Ward (my current boss) in 2012 when I was living in the British Virgin Islands and working for the Marriott property, Scrub Island. I was the Food and Beverage Manager and the Convention Services Manager. I was almost two years into my position when Scott offered me the job of Group Sales Manager, and thus our mentorship and friendship began. I went on to work for Scrub Island for another four years as the Group Sales Manager. In 2018, Scott became the Director of Sales and Marketing for Santa Barbara and asked me if I wanted to be a Sales Manager at Santa Barbara. I said, ‘tell me where to sign’ and the rest is history. My one year anniversary with Santa Barbara is Oct 18.”

Is there anything else about the meeting experiences at Santa Barbara you’d like our readers to know?

“We are a small, elite team, the likes of which you won’t find at a big box hotel. Our team has many years of combined sales and event planning experience, and we are blessed with a very involved GM and owners who take pride in our resort; suffice it to say our resort is kept in tip-top shape.”

Thank you, Heather! It has been a pleasure to chat with you and discover the secrets of Santa Barbara. It truly is a magical property, and we can imagine the incredible results, connections, and innovations that companies experience after time at Santa Barbara. 

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