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From Mild to Wild – Team Building in a Paradise Called Curacao

Picture this, sparkling turquoise waters, a soft sea breeze, and… shouting. Lots and lots of shouting. What are we talking about? Team building in paradise, aka Curacao, of course! Depending on the team-building activity chosen, you may experience the juxtaposition of Caribbean serenity paired with passionate competition.

Team Building at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

For a business to boom, in any industry, the people who make up the business must work exceptionally well together. Any company can make an average profit and survive with a relatively functional team; it’s the teams who inspire one another, create together, and communicate at a master level who rise to the top.

Team building plays a major role in an organization’s success. The main issue with team building is that it can become vanilla, outdated, and groan-inducing. Our goal here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is to provide an impact-driven team building program. Each of our activities is unique, innovative, and playful. We joke that our offerings range from mild to wild, and it’s up to the organization to select which games and challenges suit their style. Want a taste of what your team will be up to during your corporate getaway to Curacao? Here are a few examples of Santa Barbara’s team building activities:

Mild: Smoothie Making Competition

Let’s start with one of our mild offerings. Mild team-building exercises create an atmosphere of discovery and fun, with little to no shouting or dramatics. One of the most popular is our Smoothie Making Competition. 

Each team is presented with a table of ingredients from which they develop their own unique smoothie recipe. The catch? They are selecting their ingredients while blindfolded, so whatever ingredient is chosen must be used (however, after all the items are picked, the team can substitute one item they don’t want for a mystery ingredient). Then, one half of the team will make their smoothie using a bike blender, while the other half creates the perfect pitch to sell the smoothie.

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Medium: Expedition in Hidden Paradise

Our medium offerings take it up a notch; there’s more excitement and more at stake than the mild exercises, yet there’s plenty of flavor to get everyone’s gears going.

The Expedition in Hidden Paradise is an educational and fun challenge that brings your team to downtown Punda/Otrobanda in Willemstad. The groups will be divided into different teams and tasked with finding their way through the downtown area by following descriptive signs and clues. At each location – from museums to important historical landmarks – teams perform various assignments to find answers. Once a given team finds all the correct answers, they’re led to a mystery location where a boat is waiting to bring them to a secret paradise where a barbeque, a DJ, and dance party awaits.

team building santa barbara beach and golf resort

Wild: Battle of the Flags

Our wild offerings are labeled as such because of the higher adrenaline levels the participant’s experience. There’s no danger, of course, just plain old fun! One of our most popular exercises in the wild category is the Battle of the Flags, which culminates in a special Caribbean Party. 

Teams compete in a battle of the flags by winning each other’s team flags in a total of seven games. While this is going on, the DJ is getting the party vibe going, while the hotel is lighting the barbeque. After the games are over, a catamaran shows up to take turns chauffeuring groups of about 45 on a scenic tour of the surrounding coast and inland lagoon, while the rest of the group is entertained with live music, karaoke, Latin/Caribbean dance workshops, and an arts and crafts market.

Which level of team-building play do you think your team is ready for? Simply by sending your team to Curacao for a work trip will ensure your company is among the most south-after organizations to work for. Not to mention that spending a few days both working and playing together will create lasting bonds among the team, the ultimate goal! We look forward to supporting your organization in any way we can.

Please note, you are always invited to schedule a chat with one of our meeting specialists to see how we can bring your vision to fruition, right here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Learn more about our Meeting Space here >>

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