Four Surprising Reasons Why September is The Month to Plan Holiday Travel

Traveling abroad during the holiday season is incredibly fun. Especially considering that materialism and consumerism are at an all-time high throughout November and December; a retreat to one of nature’s paradises often feels deeply satisfying. When it comes to holiday travel, it is essential that you plan your trip in September. It may seem like the holidays are still a ways off, but we promise they will sneak up on you quickly. Here are our top four reasons to set the task to dream, plan, and book your holiday getaway during September.

Planning Holiday Travel – Why Now is The Time


The reasons to begin planning your holiday travels in September are plentiful, but among the absolute most crucial is so that you get the first pick. First-pick of what you may be wondering? Everything! If you begin to plan and book now, you’ll get to stay at the undiscovered or the best room at your favorite beachfront resort. Dinner reservations will still be available, the best tour operators will have plenty of space left, and you may even find a good deal on airfare. Planning ahead means you’ll get your top choice of everything! 

planning holiday travel

Some Rates Are Still Low

It’s a well-known fact that most destinations raise their prices during holiday seasons or popular travel times; it’s the basic principle of supply and demand. As the holiday season approaches, though, prices often continue to rise. Therefore, if you book your travels in September, or as early as possible, you may be able to save some money.

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Be Among the First To Request Time Off

The earlier you ask for time off, the more likely you’ll be to get it. Chances are, as the holiday approach more and more of your organization’s team members will request time-off, and after a certain point, not everyone can have it. Many organizations work on a first-come, first-serve basis. The earlier you have your plans in order the earlier you can ask off of work and be sure to get the time you desire!

Remain Stress-Free!

While everyone else is running around making last-minute reservations, plans, and trying to get time off of work, you can sit back relax and remain stress-free. Planning ahead, planning now, will free up mental space to get excited about your trip later!

The time has come; if you want to jet off to some island paradise this holiday season, it’s time to get planning! We promise you won’t regret your early planning; it will only serve you. If you’d like any assistance planning a getaway to Curacao to stay with us oceanside here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, then contact us today! Remember, the earlier you book, the more choices you’ll have!

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