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Four Favorite Reasons to Reaffirm Marriage in the Caribbean

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Staring at your life partner in the face and saying “I do” all over again is one of the most potent and intimate experiences. As magical as it may have been the first time you said “I do” to one another, the second time is sometimes even more intense. After having any amount of time as a married couple under your belts, saying “I do” takes on a new meaning. Now the two of you know what it’s like to experience the happiest of moments and the most challenging of moments. Reaffirming the love and commitment between the two of you will be an incredible experience that will create an even stronger bond and marriage.

Renew Your Vows in The Caribbean, Here’s Why

Vow renewals can take place anywhere you choose! We’ve known couples to renew their vows at home, at the same location they got married, or in a destination they’ve always wanted to visit. A vow renewal can absolutely be used as an opportunity to vacation and explore a new corner of the world. Creating new memories together is what life is all about. Allow us to share our four favorite reasons to reaffirm marriage on Curacao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Landscape beauty to symbolize the beauty of your marriage.

Perhaps our absolute top reason to renew vows on Curacao is that we feel the spectacular beauty of the landscape is the perfect metaphor for your love story. Picture sparkling blue hues, swaying palm trees, sunshine-drenched everything. It’s pure magic, and you can drink it as you reaffirm your love to one another.

Other people want to adventure with you, too.

Yes, you can jet off to Curacao just the pair of you to renew vows and enjoy a luxury vacation. Plenty of couples have this experience solo. We know that your parents, children, and closest friends will be a tad envious they didn’t get to share the experience with you! The energy of the island will beckon your loved ones, and Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is more than equipped to help you plan and execute a formal vow renewal ceremony and reception.

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Blend of vacation and adventure.

For those couples who enjoy equal parts vacation destination and adventure, Curacao fits the bill exactly. You can spend as many days as you’d like lounging poolside, relaxing on a sunset sail, and laying on the soft white sand. You can also get scuba certified, go snorkeling, whip around on jet skis, go mountain biking, and even go skydiving. Melt into a loving cocoon of relaxation one moment, and watch each other grow and try new experiences the next moment.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort


The perfect destination to create a vision for your future together.

We all know that life moves all too quickly. The only currency that truly matters is time, and we’re all running through it faster than we’d like to. Curacao is a destination to pause. To breathe. To soak in the present moment as if it’s the only moment. In between moments of soaking in the present, it’s also a fantastic place to take some previous time to create a vision for your marriage moving forward. Whether you’ve been married two years or thirty, you can sneak away for a romantic beach stroll, or have the resort help you arrange a romantic beach picnic, and then chat about your future together. Share what you hope to experience together over the next five years, share what you want to create in your marriage. Or perhaps you simply share your favorite moments from your marriage so far. Whatever it is you choose to discuss, the energy of the island will open your hearts and wrap you both in a loving embrace.

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We are so excited for you and your significant other to gift yourselves such a magical and nourishing experience. We’ve been present for many vow renewals right here at Santa Barbara, and every time it brings us to tears. Bringing more love, commitment, and compassion into the world is a gift to all, and it’s yours to give!

As you begin to plan your vow renewal ceremony, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any assistance, advice, or details about saying “I do,” again, here at the resort!

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