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Flawless, Unique, Perfect. Plan Your Off-The-Beaten-Path Honeymoon Now!

In planning your perfect wedding you want everything to be flawless down to the most minute detail. You are striving for a day that is beautiful, unique, and that fits you and your future spouse perfectly. The last thing you want is to follow your event with a cliche honeymoon. 

Honeymoon in Curacao

Don’t follow your perfect day with a honeymoon vacation that is blasé. Get off the beaten path and enjoy your time, just the two of you, doing exactly what you want, when you want, in a setting that is as unique and exciting as the new life you are starting together. Consider the Caribbean island of Curacao for your perfect classic romantic beach getaway that does not follow the status quo. 

Honeymoon in Curacao – Let Us Help >>

Curacao is part of the lower Caribbean islands known as the ABC (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) islands. Located just north of Venezuela, Curacao is south of the hurricane zone so the weather is a non-issue any time of year. The peak season on the island is from December – April when the majority of the 1 million annual tourists make their trek to our paradise. During the off-season from May – November, everything is a little quieter and the price of a stay is more affordable. 

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Curacao is the perfect place for a quintessential beach vacation. Pristine white sand beaches line the crystal blue water. Most days reach the mid-upper 80’s and the breeze, if any, is gentle and welcome. The water is clear and perfect for snorkeling with fish galore. If you enjoy beach life, you can certainly find a beach to while away the day quietly, growing closer with each passing hour. Plan a beach picnic so you don’t feel rushed to leave paradise until you are good and ready.

To add a little spice to your time, how about an afternoon island adventure? Visit the local ostrich farm, try out some cliff jumping, or check out the Suplado Blowhole. If you’re really feeling brave, you might do as the locals do and enjoy iguana for lunch. They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone – what better way to launch your new life together than trying something new and memorable? 

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If you get a hankering for city life, Willemstad is the place to be! With a Copenhagen, Denmark feeling, this little city offers history, culture, and a colorful skyline to be envied! While in Willemstad, enjoy some shopping, visit local museums, and don’t forget to challenge each other to cross the Queen Emma Suspension Bridge. 

Just as the day starts to cool down, the night-life in Curacao heats up. Food trucks line the streets as the party gets started. Take the time to dance, laugh, and relax together; enjoy the energy that the night gives off on the island. 

No matter how far from ordinary you go when planning your honeymoon, don’t skimp on luxury when considering your accommodations. Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort will set you in the lap of luxury so you can start and finish your day being properly pampered. On-site we offer three pools, a white-sand beach, and gorgeous rooms with ocean views just for starters. Stay with us and expect to be pampered at every step. Let us help you plan a honeymoon that is every bit as memorable as your wedding! 

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