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Ready to Get Hooked? Let’s Talk Fishing in Curacao

Surrounded by the crystal clear, deep ocean water, Curacao simply begs an angler to grab their rod and reel and wet a line! Fishing is available and good year-round but the best times to head out are between the months of November and June. 

Depending on your budget and sense of adventure, you can purchase a deep-sea excursion, or cast a line from the shore. Where you go also will determine what you catch although any fish caught and eaten fresh is a tasty treat. 

Fishing in Curacao


With deep water relatively close to the shore, you can opt to head out for a day trip or just jet out one afternoon to catch dinner. Klein Curacao is a fishing hot spot that is just miles away from the main island. While deep-sea fishing, be on the lookout for exotic fish like barracuda, mahi-mahi, and marlin as well as the more traditional catch, tuna. 

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Be sure to pack sunscreen and a hat. Nonslip shoes will give you peace of mind and make you more comfortable. Motion sick medication is always a good idea as well. Also consider gloves and a towel. And don’t forget your camera and binoculars. You never know what you’ll see while you are out! 

Lunch is often included for day excursions but be sure to ask before assuming. It is still a good idea to bring snacks, you just might work up a hunger bringing in the big catch! 


Father and his little boy fishing on the shore of a gorgeous beach.


If you prefer to stay inland, there are several places to fish from the shore although it tends to be hit-or-miss. Among the types of fish you can catch are while shore fishing are tarpon, bar jacks, and red snapper. Be sure to bring your own tackle from home as there are few if any tackle shops to be found on the island, depending on the season. 

Deepwater is not far from the shore so shore fishing can bring in an unexpected catch occasionally. 

One precaution: Take care the beach is not private before fishing from any shoreline. If in doubt, always ask around and get permission. The islanders are very accommodating but appreciate this common courtesy. 

Always make sure you have proper permitting and gear for your safety and peace of mind. If you are interested in fishing in Curacao you can always contact the staff at Santa Barbara Golf and Beach Resort. We might not tell you our secret spots but we promise to give you tips you can use to help you with your big catch. 

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