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Explore Curaçao By Foot, Pedal and Hoof

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Surfing, snorkeling, boating, swimming… the possibilities of water play in and around the Caribbean island of Curaçao are endless. Typically the initial draw of Curaçao is the glittering Caribbean Sea, yet it’s the expansive buffet of land activities also, that entices tourists to visit time after time.

Exploring Curaçao by water is spectacular, but there’s also Curaçao by foot, pedal, and hoof to entertain!

The Caribbean is full of incredible, idyllic islands, but few offer the plethora of land activities that Curaçao does. To ensure you get the most out of your getaway, here’s some insider knowledge to help you plan out your activities while visiting.

Fancy Footwork

Located just 12 degrees north of the equator, Curaçao has a semi-arid climate, stays predominantly dry, and is situated just outside of the hurricane belt. The climate stays relatively consistent year-round due to its relation to the equator, making it the perfect place for outdoor fun. One of the best ways to get a feel for the landscape, critters, and overall environment, is by foot!

It’s hard to find a part of the island that isn’t scenic, so taking a leisurely stroll just about anywhere is lovely. Curaçao isn’t large, but it does have a decent amount of hikes, some with trails, and others that are more, well, wild.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortHere’s a quick list of trails to check out:

  • Hike to and around the old deserted plantation of Bos Spano and then onward to the beach at Boka Pos Spanjo.
  • Hike around Caracasbaai to see gorgeous views of the bay and a few historical buildings, such as a Fort and an old abandoned Quarantine House.
  • Hike Hofi Pastor and see the oldest tree on the island – a giant Kapok tree.
  • Hike around the 2,000 acres of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

To reach the highest point on the island, you’ll want to embark on the journey to Mt. Christoffel. Featuring panoramic views and a solid workout, the hike to the peak is best done in the morning before it gets too hot. The hike has a few challenging sections and should be done with caution! Especially as you near the top, you’ll need to summon your “scrambling” (climbing) skills. On a clear a glimpse of Venezuela in the distance is possible!

View From Atop Four-Hooves

Horses aren’t native to Curaçao, nor do they have any particularly special relation to the island, but that doesn’t make horseback riding on Curaçao any less fun! It can be a great way to excite the kids, surprise your significant other, or try something new with friends. No matter what, it’s bound to be a memorable experience. Here are a few tour operators to consider:

  • Finca Casju – With excellent customer service and beautiful horses, Finca Casju is a great company to use if you’re looking for a basic trail ride or lessons. Plus, there’s an ocean view at the end.
  • Manege Societe Hippique Curacao – A well-kept stables offering lessons and horses for lease.
  • Criadero El Hijo de David – Having been on the island for a very long time, the folks at Criadero are happy to provide beautiful trail rides, lessons and more.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortRough Terrain

One activity definitely not prevalent in the Caribbean is mountain biking. But, Curaçao stands out among the crowd because it features not just one, but many mountain biking trails. Yet another reason why Curaçao is one of the raddest islands around.

If flexing your mountain biking skills, or trying the sport for the first time seems like an ideal activity for your vacation, here are the best ways to go about it:

  • Wanna Bike Curacao – One of the island go-to companies for all things mountain biking. You can take a guided mountain biking tour – recommended for beginners or people new to the island. You can also take a clinic, have a team building workshop, or join the kids club… if you’re a kid that is.
  • Rent a bike at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, download the trail map and go crazy! Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is situated on what used to be an enormous plantation, and as a result, has 2,000 acres featuring miles of bike trails.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortCuraçao is diverse, beautiful and full of wonders to discover. However you decide to discover the island is entirely up to you! Spend half a day hiking, go for a quick one hour horseback excursion, or let your adrenaline pump as you fly down a trail on your bike. It’s your vacation and you can have it exactly as you’d like. If you’re looking for the ideal accommodations or more insider knowledge about everything Curaçao, then visit Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort where you will find everything you need.

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