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Escape the Cold by Indulging at the Atabei Spa and Meet the New Spa Director

spa in curacao

Dreaming of blue skies, endless sunshine, and the sparkling turquoise sea? Us, too. Except, we’re lucky enough to live in paradise every single day. Here on Curacao, we hope to share our blissful weather and surrounding landscapes with the world. Everyone should get to experience paradise!

Get to Know Your New Favorite Spa in Curacao

spa in curacaoWe know that winter reigns supreme in many parts of the world, which is why we recommend a soothing spa treatment on one of the most exotic Caribbean islands of all. Going to the spa anywhere is healing, and spending time at a luxury resort is refreshing. Combine the two, and the relaxation experience that results is indescribable!

Here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, we’ve recently welcomed a brand new spa director, Gianni Hermans, and we took a moment to get to know her, and the spa, a little better! Atabei Spa has been a part of Santa Barbara from the beginning, but is always changing and evolving to offer as many healing treatments as possible!


Hi Gianni, tell us a little about yourself, what brought you to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort?

“Life is funny; it never occurred to me that I would have a career in hospitality, although it was always an area of interest to me. I’m from Curacao but went to Holland to study International Communication & Media. When I returned home, I landed a job at Atabei Spa as a receptionist, at the time I simply needed a job, I had no idea I would fall in love with the industry!

During this time I decided to learn more about aesthetics and took a course on the island for all round massage therapist and aesthetics. After about half a year I began pursuing more in the hotel industry and began moving around in different departments. After about a year of doing that I became an events coordinator and eventually a wedding manager. I’ve learned and grown a lot since then. Three years later and now I’ve returned to Santa Barbara as the Spa Manager, and it’s all come full circle!”

spa in curacao

What is the inspiration for the Atabei Spa? What does the name mean?

“Yes. Atabei is named after the creator of life, The Mother Earth. The inspiration of the spa is the same as its name, the Earth. All Atabei treatments are created with natural and organic products and ingredients from the island to awaken, hydrate, nourish and renew.”

Besides the treatments, are there other offerings at the spa?

“Absolutely, we offer activities such as meditation, organized hiking, yoga and pilates classes each week!”

spa in curacao

Just looking at the Atabei Spa Menu, there are so many treatments to choose from. Which treatment would you recommend for the following?

  • Releasing Stress –  For this, the Deep Tissue Massage. Anyone dealing with stress on a daily basis is to likely have very tense muscles. Having the deep tissue massage with help allow the muscles and joint to release the tension.
  • Anxiety – Nearly any treatment we offer may help with anxiety. Anxiety can stem from many different factors, but experiencing general relaxation is known to help people deal with anxiety in a healthier fashion. With each treatment, we try to guide the patient into their ‘zen’ zone.
  • Postural Strain –  Postural strain can be fixed by repeated relaxation massages such as our Yucahu Massage. Depending on how serious, massage may not always be enough, and in that case, we always recommend seeing a Doctor or Physical Therapist.  
  • Trouble sleeping – Piedra Massage: the hot lava stones heat the muscles leaving the body deeply relaxed, which aids the clients in sleeping! Heat has a unique relaxation response on the body.
  • Acne + Oily Skin – Our Rebalancing facial helps the skin to do exactly that – rebalance! The skin becomes matte, toned and radiant after the facial.
  • Stiff Muscles + Joints –  Deep tissue massage!

Escape. Relax. Revive. >>

Are there special packages or treatments for families and couples?

“Yes, there are some special packages available for honeymooners, or simple anniversary celebrations for couples. We currently have a package that we offer on our website including rooms, amenities, private dinner and spa treatments.”

For new guests, where is the spa located?

“The spa is located on the west side of the property close to the pool area. Each treatment room has an outdoor patio where the guests can unwind after their treatment and enjoy the calm and nature surrounding them.”

Simply being on vacation on Curacao is relaxing within itself. Breathing in the salty air, listening to the breeze, and feeling the island’s warmth on your skin while indulging in a spa treatment is next level relaxation. We can’t recommend the Atabei Spa enough. Thank you, Gianni and congratulations! We hope you enjoy your new position and have time for a treatment yourself every now and again!

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