Dushi: The Heart of Curacao

Can you speak Papamientu? That’s okay, most people have never even heard of it. This unique local language is part of what makes Curacao so unique. But since you likely aren’t fluent in Papamientu, which is a lovely blend of Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, English, and French, you may not have heard of or understand our beloved word: Dushi. 

Dushi is as unique as Curacao yet it seems to somehow encompass everything that is good on the island. Here, let us show you a few ways.

What Does Dushi Mean?


Often foods that are tantalizing and sweet are referred to as Dushi but that is not all! When a person is particularly sweet, or an act of kindness is experienced, it may also be considered Dushi. 

To satisfy your sweet tooth while you are visiting the island, find a restaurant that serves oliebollen which are basically doughnut holes served hot and fresh, typically dipped in powdered sugar. Another local, sweet Dushi treat is stroopwafels. Light and crisp, these wafer-like pastries are best served hot with a light caramel filling. 

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Do you see something particularly lovely or well kept? Maybe your view is especially stunning, or the water is just right. Whatever the moment, if you are enjoying something particularly nice, it could be referred to as Dushi. 

A quick catamaran tour to Klein Curacao will show you views of coral, shipwrecks, sea turtles, and more! It’s a truly Dushi experience.

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Are you feeling particularly well accepted in Curacao? Again, Dushi is the reason. Local islanders are some of the most welcoming of any of the Caribbean islands. You can show off your appreciation for the locals by greeting them kindly and helping keep the island clean.

If you want to share some of the language, here are a few Papamientu words you may be interested in. 

Bondia – Good Morning
Bon Bini – Welcome
Bontardi – Good Afternoon
Bonochi – Good Evening
Ayo – Goodbye


From iguana soup to fried bananas, unusual island food can be found on every corner. Although some may seem a bit strange, locals and tourists alike will agree: It is all Dushi! 


Do you love the one you are with? Dushi references often are used as terms of endearment for kids and adults alike. You do not have to know the person that you are thanking for their Dushi ways. Acts of kindness can always be praised as Dushi. 

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Finally, when thinking about everything Dushi represents, all the goodness spills over into the service you can expect on the island. Here at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf resort, we value our guests and are honored to showcase all of what our unique island is about. From food to feeling to acts of kindness, we not only represent it, we live it. Come experience Dushi for yourself!

As the evidence suggests, Dushi encompasses just about everything good about Curacao. Want to experience it? We’d love to have you. Come visit Curacao and plan to stay at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort where we promise you all things Dushi

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