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Destination Wedding Stories: Why One Couple Recommends Curacao

Destination weddings are growing in popularity and for good reason. Not only do you get to exchange nuptials somewhere idyllic, but you can keep the wedding small, and do as little planning as possible. For those couples who simply want to bask in the joy of their love, surrounded by the key players in their lives, without spending months or years planning, destination weddings are ideal.

Discover a Curacao Wedding

We often discuss why Curacao is an exceptional location for a destination wedding, and today we have a special treat for you. We recently interviewed a Canadian couple who got married on the island, here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, to see what their experience was like. Rather than take our word for it, now you can read what Olivier and Holly have to say about saying “I Do” on Curacao.

Hi Holly and Oliver! Thank you for agreeing to chat about your wedding experience on Curacao! Let’s start with, when was your wedding at Santa Barbara? And, where do you live when you’re not jet-setting?

“Our wedding was on May 15, 2018, and we live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.”

After getting engaged and beginning your wedding planning journey, what was it about a destination wedding that appealed to you? How did you begin your initial destination wedding planning?

“We wanted to have an intimate setting in a beautiful place with a very select amount of people we love. We researched different locations where we could do it, but we chose Curacao because we’ve visited the island a few times and always enjoy its natural beauty and beautiful people.”

curacao wedding

What was it about Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort that stood out during the planning process? All things considered, why did you choose Santa Barbara?

“When we contacted Santa Barbara we received a very quick and friendly response that made us feel like we were going to be well taken care of. Considering it was going to be a destination wedding, it was important to us to have good communication with the wedding planning team.”

“The beautiful views and property of Santa Barbara captured us. In addition, we had been to the resort and for dinner there once prior, and knew the food and atmosphere would be wonderful.”

What was your experience of working with the team at Santa Barbara throughout the planning process? In what ways did they support you?

“The experience of working with the team at Santa Barbara was exceptional. They answered every question and suggested awesome vendors for the size of our wedding party (9 total). Our experience with Vanessa was great. When we met her in person, it confirmed what we already thought; that the team is just as exceptional as they presented themselves over email.”

“Vanessa answered all our questions and planned everything very well, so we didn’t have to worry. She assured us not to worry many times and made us feel taken care of. She connected us to a great photographer team and caterers too. The bridal party also got their hair and makeup done at the resort, and it was a great experience.”

Tell us about the days leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself. Which aspects really stand out? What was the setting of your wedding?

“The attention to detail, organization, and communication was great, especially the days leading up to the wedding. The entire wedding day, right through to the dinner service, was outstanding. The wedding was at the Pavilion, where we also had our dinner. There were beautiful accents in the colors of our wedding, golden chairs for our ceremony, golden plates for our dinner and accents in purples and blue. We also had a live violinist, which was incredible. We had a total of nine people at our wedding, including us.”

curacao wedding

What were your favorite parts of the wedding and overall experience?

“Getting married at the Pavilion was a magical experience, overlooking the ocean. The walk down the aisle with the palm trees on each side was very memorable. Walking back to the same area where we had our ceremony after we took our photos, and seeing everything set up for dinner, was breathtaking. The service from the staff was also above and beyond what we expected. It felt like we were at a private event even though we were at a large resort.”

How did the overall experience of working with Santa Barbara leave you feeling?

“The overall experience we had with Santa Barbara was a very positive one. We would definitely recommend other couples to get married there, whether you have a larger wedding or not. Its beautiful views and amazing staff really make the experience one to remember for a lifetime.”

From your perspective, what did your guests enjoy most about the wedding and the resort?

“The guests enjoyed the location, amazing food, great views, their stay at the hotel and the overall feel of the wedding.”

Would you recommend Santa Barbara to a friend? If so, why?

“Absolutely! The wedding coordinator really made it an easy experience and suggested vendors that suited our needs exactly, on our special day. The food and service were also amazing!”

Thank you, Oliver and Holly, for sharing the details of your special day and your incredible experience! We are so glad you got to kick-start this chapter together, right here on our small slice of paradise. We wish you decades of joy and lasting happiness, and look forward to seeing you during your future vacations on the island!

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