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Delight Your Senses – What to Eat in Curaçao

where to eat in curacao

When visiting extraordinary Curaçao, the last thing you want to do is dine on ordinary fare. From Brazilian Nights to exquisite local dishes, we have options that will have your mouth watering before your feet hit the jetway. 

Curaçaon Cuisine Ideas


If you want to hobnob with the locals, Brisa do Mar is the place to be. Plan your day around lunch and you will find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with locals from all classes. Brisa do Mar is located by the shore of Caracasbaai, near the beachfront overlooking the sea, with a beautiful scenic view. This is a great place to come and relax with local and international delicacies.

Did you know? Traditionally, the main meal in Curacao is lunch and is served at noon. If you want to find where locals are dining, watch restaurants at lunchtime and see where the locals are headed. Choose one that looks interesting and enjoy! 

Chefs from Brazilian & Indian Nights at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort


Headed out on an adventure? While you are on the far side of the island, check out Jaanchie’s. Chances are, you’ll be greeted by Jaanchie himself when you enter. Don’t expect to plan your menu in advance though because Jaanchie’s has no menu! Just find yourself a table and have a seat and Jaanchie will soon join your party and let you know what he’s got cooking. Although the menu changes regularly, he does typically recommend trying the iguana. 

Pumpkin pancakes anyone? It may not sound exotic but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover. Head over to Zus in the Old Market to check them out. 

Want diverse authentic fare made for locals by locals? Grab a midday snack and prepare to fast until after 9 pm when the late-night food trucks roll up and open for business. If you want a taste of the different cultures that inhabit Curacao, you will be delighted with your options. Chicken, steak, and seafood are featured as are flavorful “bread trucks” that feature the local spin on sandwiches. 

A chef from Brazilian Night at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort whips up a tasty entree.


Take a peek at the Taste of Bollywood menu >>

How about a Battle of the Chefs with a Brazilian flair? Another featured event at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort is Batalha dos Cozinheiros (Brazil on the Grill). For this incredible event, you can observe as the Brazilian chefs go head to head, or if time allows, you can watch the Brazilians battle local cuisiniers.


You might be taking a vacation to relax but there is no reason to let your tastebuds hibernate. From local to global, take in all of the cuisine options that you can while you are here. Enjoy Curacao to its fullest. The scenery is breathtaking and the food is lifegiving.

BBQ Nights, Live Music and more… 

At Santa Barbara, each night offers something new.  Enjoy quiet evenings, relaxing at Shore while watching the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.  Dine at Medi with live entertainment from some of Curacao’s renowned musical talent.  Head to Splash for a pool party or enjoy an occasional Caribbean themed BBQ night at Medi or at Shaman Beach!

*Special events and entertainment schedule varies by season.

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