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Blue Love – Tasty Blue Curacao Drinks Made From Items Easily Found In Your Kitchen

Missing the beach? How about some beach-themed libations to tide you over until the pandemic restrictions are lifted.  Blue Curacao is an orange-flavored liqueur that is aptly named after the pristine blue waters of Curacao. Any drink with Blue Curacao will take your mind to sunny days spent on or near the water. 

Here are some ideas to bring to beach to your house, making the wait for your next beach vacation just a little more enjoyable. 


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You may not be able to travel to the beach, but you can still spend an evening enjoying the mystery, mayhem, and fun that the beach has to offer. Get comfortable, grab your favorite snack, and stream one of your favorite beach-themed movies while sipping an ocean-tinted cocktail. 

What to wear – Grab your favorite pair of lounge pants or even your jammies and settle in for a relaxing evening on the couch. 

What to watch – If you’re in the mood for a mystery, check out Hallmark’s Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder. Charlie’s Angels, Point Break, and Baywatch might have shallow plots but they are rich with eye-candy (meaning beautiful water shots, of course). 50 First Dates, set in Hawaii, is a feel-good comedy — great for an escape. 

What to drink – Fill your glass with an Electric Iced Tea and settle in. If a blended drink is your jam, mix up a Blue Margarita or two. 

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The Kitchen Magpie

Is the quarantine 15 settling in your midsection? No judgment here! Head to the seclusion of your backyard for some private sun worship. 

What to wear – Loose-fitting summer wear

What to do – Plop into your favorite lounge chair and relax by the pool. Grab a book and hang out in the hammock. Sprawl on a blanket in the lawn. 

What to drink – Light on liquor, a Blue Lagoon is as pretty as it is refreshing with lemonade as the base. Cool off with a Frostbite


The Spruce Eats

What to wear – Your Speedo of course

Create the ambiance – Create a virtual beach, right at home! Pour some sand on the patio, fill up the kiddie pool to dip your toes, and stream beach waves over the Bluetooth speaker. Or, set up a Tiki Bar right in your backyard and belly up, baby! 

What to drink  – For the full effect, slowly pour yourself a Jellyfish and give it a gentle stir. Awaken your senses with the refreshing blend of pineapple and orange in a Blue Hawaiian


Mix That Drink

What to wear – As little as possible! 

What to do – If a movie is your speed, Message in a Bottle and Safe Haven have a solid beach theme that is heavily doused in romance. Pack a picnic and lay out a blanket in the backyard. Get some strawberries and set up the chocolate fondue. Or sit by the campfire and reminisce. 

What to drink – Have you tried a Midnight Kiss? (the drink, silly) Champagne, vodka, and Blue Curacao make up this tasty concoction.  The perfect concoction of Sprite and Blue Curacao makes Sex in the Driveway a cocktail that will quench your thirst while sparking conversation. 

Whether you choose to try one or all of these drinks, we hope it will get you dreaming of your next trip to Curacao. This is a great time to start planning your next vacation at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort!

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