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Curacao’s Carnival is a Whopping Two Months Long This Year, Here’s What’s Happening

curacao carnival

More often than not Carnival is associated with Brazil, but believe it or not, Carnival celebrations happen throughout the Caribbean. One of the largest celebrations within the Caribbean takes place on the small, remote island of Curacao. Carnival is an annual celebration, and this year there are a few additions and changes we want to share with you!

We are lucky enough to have one of the most enthusiastic Carnival participants on Curacao, work here at the resort. Meet Ezzie Cijntje, the marketing & communications specialist here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Ezzie was born and raised on Curacao and has been participating in Carnival her entire life. Here’s what she has to say about this year’s Carnival updates and additions:

“My favorite season is upon us and it all started on Saturday, January 5th at Kleine Werf with our Curacao Carnival Village 2019. We had live performances from local bands but also an international band called Kassav.

This year the season runs from January 5th to March 5th. We get two full months of carnival activities, this year, and because of this, there will be extra elections and more street parties to make the anticipation of the parades greater.”

Curacao’s Carnival – Here’s What’s Happening

January Activities

13 – Elections King, Queen and Joker Talent (Adults)

19 – Kids Tumba (carnival song) Festival

26 – Elections Kids, Queen, King and Joker Banda Abou (West side of the island)

27 – Inscription Adult Tumba Festival

curacao carnival

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February Activities

1 – Elections King and Queen Teens

2 – Elections King, Queen, and Joker

3 – Elections Kids King, Queen, and Joker

4 – 1st Night Tumba Festival

5 – 2nd Night Tumba Festival

6 – 3rd Night Tumba Festival

8 – Final Night Tumba Festival

9 – Kids Street Party

16 – Bikes with Light Parade

17 – Horse Parade

22 – Banda Abou Street Party

23 – Battle of the Drums

24 – Kids Parade

curacao carnival

March Activities

1 – Teens Parade

2 – Banda Abou Parade

3 – Grand Parade

4 – Final Kids and Teens Parade

5 – Final Grand Parade

9 – Carnival Closing | Carnival Village 2019

16 – Prize Announcements Kids, Teens and Adults Parades

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“Many of the activities are the same, they are annual celebrations after all, but because we have a little more time to party this year, there are even more activities than last year. In between these activities, there will be frequent street parties such as the Hak’e Jump-In Festival and parties hosted by different carnival groups.”

Thank you, Ezzie, for painting a clear picture of all that there is to enjoy! Of course, as with each year, the main attraction is the biggest day-time parade, the Gran Marcha. If you are unable to stay in Curacao for weeks on end hopping around to all the celebrations, we recommend taking choosing a few events taking place over consecutive days, and visiting then. There is no bad time to visit Curacao; it’s more a matter of simply choosing when the most convenient time for you to visit is! Happy Carnival!

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