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Curacao, Perfection! Here Are The 10 Most Instragrammable Locations on The Island

Instagram – the BEST place to brag about (ahem … share) your Caribbean vacation with loved ones. If you really want to make them drool, make sure to hit each of these Curacao spots for an Instagram worthy photo opportunity. 

Santa Barbara Beach Pier – Our pier is the perfect place for that one in a million shot. Cartwheels on the pier, jumping into the water, or the proverbial kiss at sunset – take the shot and post it! It’s sure to get #allthelove

Santa Barbara Beach Tree – One of the most picturesque spots on the property, the beach tree is a great place to cozy up with a book or channel your inner monkey and hang upside down. Either way, snap the pic and post it! 

Pool Cabana – Have you seen the pool cabana? This local hang out is fun, flirty, and festive. It’s also a great place to record the fun time you’re having. Grab a drink and show it off! 

Beach Cabana – Similar to the pool cabana, this is a great place to hang out except for one perk. You can relax and enjoy with your toes in the sand. Now that is vacation perfection and picture perfection! 

Top of the World (Top of Hadali Hike) – Who wouldn’t want a picture from the top of the world? That’s what locals call the top of Hadali Hike. Not only is it an adventure you don’t want to miss, but it’s also a must-do Instagram photo op. 

Paradise 365 Weather Station – It’s paradise. If you’re wondering the weather forecast, you can pretty much count on “perfect”. The weather station is yet another beautiful place to get a pic – and bragging rights. 

Sea of Palms / Caneye Pavilion – A pavilion overlooking the perfect crystal blue ocean pretty much speaks for itself. Gather your loved ones and get a photo with this backdrop. This is where memories are made and great photos are shot. 

Helipad / Shore Curacao – Before or during takeoff or landing – what a view! In our opinion, there is no better “birds-eye-view” than this. Post the pictures, otherwise, your friends won’t believe your story! 

Golf Course – World-class green, perfect weather, and the ocean as the backdrop. This just might spoil you for golf forever! Share a picture in your feed so your golf buddies can drool. 

Sunset (from anywhere!) – Seriously – is there a bad sunset? Nope, there is not. Always beautiful. Take several pictures. Truth is, no one can post just one.

These are just a few of the locations that we love at Santa Barbara Golf and Beach Resort. Call us to make your reservations to now for your perfect, Instagrammable vacation. 

While you are at it, here are some curacao hashtags that you don’t want to miss. 

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Don’t be shy, use them all! 

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