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Curacao – A Fitness AND Vacation Destination For 2017

fit in curacao

New year, new you. The beginning of each new year is ripe with opportunities to evolve into the finest version of ourselves. There’s something about a fresh 365 days ahead that often times leaves us feeling invigorated and ready to tackle new goals.

One widely popular new year’s resolution is to become fitter, stay fit, or take previous fitness abilities to a new level. The challenge of reaching a goal is overcoming any obstacles that arise. Going on vacation could be one such obstacle.

A break in normal routine often times results in a break in one’s fitness routine, but we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. We can’t vouch for every vacation destination, but here on Curacao, there are plenty of ways to stay fit this new year. Whether you prefer to be indoors, outdoors, on land, or in the water, Curacao boasts quite an array of fitness activities across the board. To ensure your fitness goals are reached, even on vacation, here are many of the ways you can stay fit on Curacao.

How to Stay Fit in Curacao

For the Runners

fit in curacao runningWhether you need to run daily, or just fit in at least one long run, there are plenty of trails to use on the island. To find out other runners favorite trails on the island, visit here. If you enjoy utilizing your run as a chance to see some sights, get a grasp of the culture, then we recommend going for a run in downtown Willemstad. If you’re looking for serenity and natural beauty on your run, then you’ll definitely want to check out Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort’s miles of trails through their historic plantation land.

Gym Junkies

If lifting weights and using machines is more in line with your workout style, then here are some of the most popular gyms on the island:

  • Keep -Fit Gym
  • CrossFit 5 Triple 9
  • Elite Fitness Curacao
  • Crossfit Willemstad
  • The Challenge
  • Body Beach Gym

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If You Love to Swim

fit-in-curacao-yogaSince Curacao is a small island completely surrounded by the beautiful sea, it’s safe to say there are plenty of swimming options. Yet, we realize that while some people prefer to swim in the ocean, others prefer sticking to a pool. So we’ve assembled locations for both!

Best Ocean Swimming:

  • Knip Beach
  • Playa Porto Mari
  • Jan Thiel
  • Santa Barbara Beach

Best Pool Swimming:

Of course, the best places to find incredible swimming pools will be any of the island resorts. If this is an important consideration for you, then be sure to research the pool offerings at any desired resorts. Naturally, we highly recommend the pool at:

  • Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Yogi Dreaming

Enjoy picturesque views from your downward facing dog on Curacao. Truly there are few better places to enjoy yoga than on Curacao. A few of the local popular studios or class meetings include:

  • Mindful Yoga Curacao
  • Yoga Centrum Curacao
  • Liberty Yoga – A local islander, Liberty Suares, of Liberty Yoga, teaches weekly classes at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. You can find her schedule here.

For the Adventurers

fit in curacao mountain bikingConsidering Curacao has roughly 365 days of beautiful weather, there’s no end to the ways you can enjoy fitness indoors and, especially, outdoors. If your fitness goals are more along the lines of finding fitness-oriented adventures, then here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Dushi SUP – Curacaos first floating yoga studio, Dushi SUP is, literally, yoga on BOGA boards on the water. You can find the schedule here.
  • Hike to the top of Mt. Christoffel – check out this blog for tips.
  • Mountain Biking – An activity which catches most visitors by surprise, Curacao actually features quite a bit of mountain biking, an unusual activity for the Caribbean.
    • Wanna Bike Curacao
    • Trails at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

To be honest, these suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Curacao may be small, but it’s dense with fitness. There’s absolutely no reason you have to give up your fitness routine or goals this new year while vacationing on Curacao! In fact, you may just be inspired to develop new fitness goals while vacationing on Curacao! However you choose to break a sweat, stretch it out, or find a little adventure, we hope you enjoy and wish you the best of luck!

Of course, the perfect combination of fitness and relaxation can only be found at one place – Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Our resort features a bit of every kind of fitness and relaxation. It’s a one-stop-shop for your vacation and fitness needs.

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