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Considering a Destination Wedding? Check Out These Benefits and Tips to Help You Plan!

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

With travel more accessible and convenient than ever before, having a destination wedding has exploded in popularity. Saying “I do” in an exotic location surrounded by one’s closest family and friends is an exciting way to begin the matrimonial chapter.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Besides excitement and aesthetic, there are quite a few other reasons to opt for a destination wedding. We have dedicated staff who works with destination weddings and couples at the highly sought-after venue of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on Curaçao. We’ve asked our team for some insider insight as to the pros of a destination wedding and some tips to help prospective couples plan said wedding. Regarding the benefits of a destination wedding, here is what we discovered:

  • How to Plan a Destination WeddingIntimate Size – A destination wedding is typically considerably smaller since it’s a getaway and not every invited guest will be able to make the trip.
  • Resort Credit – Couples have the chance to gain resort credit, which can be used for their honeymoon after the wedding. This depends on how much food & beverage money was spent.
  • Complimentary Wedding Planner – Couples are automatically given the assistance of an onsite Hotel Wedding planner.
  • Fewer Options and Fewer Decisions – Couples are limited in making decisions in vendors and décor, which for some can be frustrating, but for most destination brides this is an absolute weight off of their shoulders.
  • Pre-Wedding Trip – Awesome excuse to pre-visit the property and have a mini vacation with complimentary tastings and amenities for their upcoming wedding

how to plan a destination weddingPlanning a destination wedding is no piece of cake, but it is a very fun process and extremely rewarding in the end. For any couples considering a destination wedding or any couples in the process of planning one, here are a few tips courtesy of our team, that will help the process go as smoothly as possible!

  • Ship The Decor Details – Couples will notice when choosing an exotic wedding destination that the endless possibilities of the little details in décor aren’t as readily available as they are in the main cities. We advise couples to ship down the small details they wish to add into their wedding décor. For example logo paper napkins
  • Communicate the Budget – Always communicate with the wedding planner on all matters, but especially the budget. The planner can help you stay on track!
  • Monthly Phone Calls – Communicating via email isn’t always easy. Our team recommends having a phone call meeting at least once a month. This will help to foster the relationship between the couple and the planner.
  • Pinterest – We ask our brides to compile a Pinterest board so she can visualize what they imagine for their special day.

Hopefully, these insights will help couples weigh the pros of a destination wedding and, if chosen, plan the wedding as smoothly and successfully as possible!

If you are in the midst of deciding on a destination wedding venue, you can learn more about Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort here. There’s a good chance a lucky couple will not only have their wedding at Santa Barbara, but they’ll get to work with our talented team of dedicated wedding planners!

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