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Chatting With The Pro: Meet Jane, The Golf Pro at The Iconic Old Quarry Golf Course on Curacao

Old Quarry Course on Curacao

There are plenty of beautiful islands in the world, quite a few idyllic resorts, and a healthy amount of challenging and engaging golf courses, yet how many places get to combine all three of those things?

Not many. Yet if that’s exactly the type of vacation you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect place on hand.

Get the Scoop – Old Quarry Golf Course on Curacao

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is an expansive 2,000-acre resort set on its own private plantation on the Caribbean island of Curacao boasts a phenomenal golf course and a fantastic golf pro!

Meet the Old Quarry Golf Course – Designed by Pete Dye and opened in 2010, the Old Quarry Golf Course takes on the shape of the naturally contoured site overlooking the Caribbean sea and the sheltered bay known as Spanish Water. Named after the Plantations 19th-century limestone quarry, the course is a championship links golf course and challenges players of all skill levels.

Old Quarry Golf CourseMeet Jane – a PGA professional with nine years of experience. After spending a few years studying business management and marketing in Belgium, she decided to switch gears and turn her hobby of playing and teaching golf into her profession. After studying at the Van Swinderen Golf College in The Netherlands, Jane eventually made her way to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in 2010, where she’s been ever since!

Few people know the Old Quarry Golf Course course better than Jane does, and we’ve asked her a few questions so we can better get to know the course and maybe improve our game!

Jane, which is your favorite hole and why?

I have two favorite holes which are holes two and seven!


The stunning view of this first par 5 with a moderate length of 544 yards will attract everyone’s attention. The beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea is directly on your right, so golfers have to watch the wind direction. With a well-placed tee shot in the fairway, the lay-up can be anywhere from a 3 wood to a 7 iron depending on what you are comfortable with hitting into the green. With the green sitting very near the sea, take care not to hit the ball too much to the right. After hitting on the green it’s a matter of an easy two-putt to move on.


This is our shortest par 3 on the course with the Spanish Water in the background if you turn around you have a marvelous view of our Tafelberg Mountain. This hole normally plays downwind so be cautious not to over hit. A well-placed shot on the green will bring a welcome birdie or par.

What do you love most about the Old Quarry Golf Course?

Old Quarry Golf CourseIn my opinion, the Old Quarry Golf course is a challenge to players of all skill levels. The course meanders between the stunning blue Caribbean Sea, the slopes and hills of Tafelberg Mountain, and the sheltered bay known as Spanish Water. Named after the Plantation’s 19th-century limestone quarry, this championship seaside layout was designed by Pete Dye to fit seamlessly into the land’s hills and valleys.

A great advantage that all players will definitely notice during their round of golf is the wide set-up of the course and the big variety of all the holes. This creates a feeling for all golfers that they are playing a round of golf at their own private course, on 18 totally diverse holes.

Can you share with us a few simple, easy to implement, golf tips?

Absolutely, here a few useful tips:

  1. How to keep your drive low with a strong head wind – Tee up your ball lower than normal, grip your club lower, and then place the ball in the center of your stands.
  2. How to improve your aiming on flat greens – Mark your ball, point the stripe on the ball straight to the hole, then align the stripe on your putter with the stripe on the ball.
  3. How to improve your putting stroke – Place two clubs parallel to each other on the green and place the ball + putter in the middle. Keep your putter in between the two clubs in your backswing. Then do the same during your follow through.
  4. How to pitch – Stand hip width apart, the ball positioned in the center of your feet, weight 60% on your left foot. Keep your left elbow straight and bend your wrists at 90 degrees in the backswing. Keep your weight 60% on your left foot. Start the downswing out of your hips and upper body. Keep your wrists straight in the follow through and end with your weight completely on your left foot.

Reading golf tips is certainly useful, but Jane will be of much greater assistance if she can help you in person! Plan a getaway to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and you can experience the beauty, challenges, and fun of the Old Quarry course! Jane will be around to assist or coach if needed. Few destinations offer as perfect a blend of relaxation, stimulation, and discovery as Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. See you on the course!

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