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Elopement Etiquette – Yes, It’s a Thing. Here’s What You Should Know

Are you considering an elopement? Congratulations! Choosing to elope rather than put on a traditional wedding is a great solution for some couples to be sure. From the courthouse to the exotic tropical island and all options in between, elopements are typically less stressful and more economical. Although you may not be beholden to the usual wedding day etiquette, there are some basic guidelines to follow. 

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You Said Yes! Should You Consider an Elopement Wedding?

Your answer was YES! Now it’s time to plan the wedding. For some, your wedding day is what you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. The white dress, perfect chapel, five-tiered cake, you have all of the details planned. For others, the traditions just aren’t quite as important. There is no shame in that! Maybe, just maybe, an elopement is your answer. Here are some reasons people choose to elope. And a couple of reasons people choose not to.

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Have Your Kosher Wedding in The Caribbean, Here’s How

When it comes to getting married, every couple has a different range of wedding details that are must-haves versus nice-to-haves. Having a wonderful photographer and delicious food are often must-haves, versus a live band is a nice-to-have. When it comes to couples who are having a faith-based wedding, there are very important must-haves. Each wedding venue has different protocols for accommodating every wedding party. Today we want to focus on hosting a Kosher wedding, and how we arrange a Kosher wedding here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. 

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Four Favorite Reasons to Reaffirm Marriage in the Caribbean

Staring at your life partner in the face and saying “I do” all over again is one of the most potent and intimate experiences. As magical as it may have been the first time you said “I do” to one another, the second time is sometimes even more intense. After having any amount of time as a married couple under your belts, saying “I do” takes on a new meaning. Now the two of you know what it’s like to experience the happiest of moments and the most challenging of moments. Reaffirming the love and commitment between the two of you will be an incredible experience that will create an even stronger bond and marriage.

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Brides Here’s a Quick Guide To Preparing Mind, Body, and Spirit Before The Big Day

When it comes to getting married, there’s a lot of focus on making sure all of the logistics are in place. Logistics are important, but so are you! The bride! Sometimes, the well-being of the bride gets overlooked. Not overlooked in the traditional sense, after all, everyone can’t wait to LOOK at you as you walk down the aisle. What we mean to say is that the brides are often so busy ensuring everything and everyone else is taken care of prior to the big day, they forget to prioritize their own wellness.

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Wedding Experiences on Curacao That Will Have Your Guests Gushing

Getting hitched on Curacao is not only an incredible experience for you and your betrothed, but it’s wonderful for your guests as well. The island is full of adventures, culture, and relaxation, offering something out of the ordinary for all interests and ages.

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Say “I do” Abroad in The Most Unique Setting in The Caribbean

It’s becoming more common for couples to choose to exchange nuptials someplace exotic and far away. Considering destination weddings are usually more intimate affairs and located somewhere spectacularly beautiful, it’s not challenging to see the appeal!

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Destination Wedding Stories: Why One Couple Recommends Curacao

Destination weddings are growing in popularity and for good reason. Not only do you get to exchange nuptials somewhere idyllic, but you can keep the wedding small, and do as little planning as possible. For those couples who simply want to bask in the joy of their love, surrounded by the key players in their lives, without spending months or years planning, destination weddings are ideal.

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4 Simple Ways to Infuse Local Culture Into Your Destination Wedding

There’s something so invigorating and romantic about exchanging nuptials somewhere exotic and unexpected. Perhaps this is why destination weddings are rapidly rising in popularity. With global travel being affordable and quick and social media serving as the ultimate #travelinspiraton, planning and executing a destination wedding is more accessible than ever.