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Vacation Bliss Awaits at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort With This Four Day Example Itinerary

Congratulations! You’ve booked your stay at one of the most spectacular and luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. We can’t wait to meet you and help you go into full-on vacation mode! Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort offers an immense amount of things to do, and not do, but you probably already knew that!

To ensure you get the most out of your stay with us, we’ve designed an example itinerary of how to spend four days at our resort. Of course, you can do everything on the itinerary, a few things, or none at all – completely up to you! But if you love to plan, then this guide might help you determine which activities you want to when! You might also discover activities that you didn’t realize were offered at the resort. Without further ado, check out our 4-day vacation bliss at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort:

These four example days are full days, not the days of travel and departure.

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For The Ultimate Curacao Vacation Experience, Seek Out Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

In the mood to start planning your next trip or vacation? With spring and summer break happening soon, there’s no better time to consider where you might want to jet off too!

Keep in mind, there’s a difference between a trip and a vacation. Typically speaking,  a trip is visiting somewhere with some sort of purpose, other than relaxing, i.e. visiting family, exploring a new destination, learning about a new culture, business, etc.

A vacation typically means one wishes to go someplace beautiful and warm, where total and complete relaxation awaits. A trip is going to Peru and visiting Machu Picchu. A vacation is jetting to the island of Curacao and relaxing at a luxurious resort. Both are fantastic options! It’s just a matter of choosing which one you desire.

Often times, vacationers-to-be think they’re going on vacation, but because of one mistake, end up having more of a trip. What mistake is that?

Not staying at a hotel or resort that is a vacation within itself.

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An Extraordinary Caribbean Getaway Awaits You at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Naturally when one travels all the way to the Caribbean island of Curacao, one plans to explore the island and experience the culture firsthand.

Not a problem, Curacao is rich in history, culture, and adventures.

Yet, we’ve found that plenty of visitors also appreciate having time to simply relax and enjoy each moment without the hustle and bustle of planning or following itineraries.

It’s quite possible to spend ample amount of time on our beautiful island relaxing. You can call us biased but we believe our resort – Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort – is the best place on the island to relax.

Here’s why:

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortNo Matter Where You Eat, You Can Have an Ocean View

Seriously, every dining establishment on our property has views of the gorgeous surrounding waters. Few things are better than eating, but dining with a view is a top-notch experience.

Dining Options Aplenty

No one likes to be limited when the taste buds are involved. No need to wander block after block trying to decide on the place everyone wants to eat. Instead wander a few steps from one of our restaurants to the other, as you decide which menu and ambiance suits you best in the moment. You don’t even have to wander at all, all of the menus can be found in the guest rooms. Local flavors, international cuisine, freshly prepared sushi, there are so many mouthwatering dishes the challenge lies in deciding what to order.

lawn chair ad, talent: Buzzy, Nikita, on the 3rd tee

Golf With A View, or Rather – Many Views

A favorite pastime of many is to spend a few hours out on the greens of a golf course. If you’re staying at Santa Barbara, it’s simple, convenient and breathtaking to play to golf. Designed by Pete Dye, the Old Quarry Golf Course takes on the shape of the naturally contoured site which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the sheltered bay known as Spanish water. Whether you wake up full of energy or more low-key, the golf course is only a hop, skip and a jump away from your room. Just kidding, no jumping is required, jump at your leisure.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortBe Pampered in a Beautiful Place

There’s the spa, and then there’s our Atabei Spa. No one can argue that going to the spa, any spa, is a phenomenal way to spend the day. But imagine getting massaged while feeling the ocean breeze sweep in through the open window. Get your nails done while gazing out onto the gorgeous Caribbean landscape. Seriously this is real life, this is our Atabei Spa. From entire spa journeys, to couples suites, to special kids and teen treatments, the Atabei Spa truly has something for everyone, and without a doubt you’ll leave floating on a cloud of peaceful bliss. Spa menu here.

Do It All (Conveniently) or Do Nothing at All

Here’s the thing, we have every activity you’re likely going to want. But our resort is also surrounded by immense natural beauty and offers a serene ambiance, making it just as satisfying to do nothing.


For the “Doers” We Suggest:

  • Kayaking
  • Stand up Paddling
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water Sport Rentals
  • Tennis
  • Hiking around our expansive 2,000 acres
  • Mountain Biking


Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortFor the “Do Nothingers” We Suggest:

  • Lay out by the pool (aka nap)
  • Any treatment at the spa
  • Relaxing in your luxurious room
  • Drinking tropical cocktails while watching the sunset

“The island itself offers countless adventures, fascinating history, colorful culture to explore and much, much more,” exclaims Evan Crawford, Regional Marketing Director.“Yet we often find that our guests crave at least a few days of well deserved R&R, which is why we’ve striven to offer anything and everything right here on property. The idea is that you don’t have to leave to get the relaxation, or even adventures, that you desire unless you want to! We want your vacation to be carefree and fun, ensuring you return from your trip truly feeling refreshed.”

Convinced? Then go ahead and book your stay! We’ve got an entire team of helpful individuals who are happy to answer any questions and help with any aspect of your planning, just give us a shout. Bon Voyage!

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Cleanse the Spirit and Detach From Everyday Life on the Idyllic Island of Curaçao

April showers bring May flowers. Ah, Spring, that time of year where everything begins to feel like a breath of fresh air.

A season filled with the energies of renewal and rebirth, a clean slate to begin again. Finally the weather permits windows and doors to be opened, a chance to let out the stuffiness of Winter, to clean out the clutter, and invite sunshine and happiness inside.

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You Deserve a Spring Getaway That Will Renew Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Could your mind, body, and soul use a Spring cleaning? We don’t typically consider applying the concept of Spring cleaning to ourselves, and yet, spending some quality time clearing the clutter out of our minds, pampering our bodies, and indulging in activities that satisfy the soul, might be just what we need this Spring. Why should our houses, cars, and offices get all the love? Send some of that Spring cleaning gusto to yourselves!

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Paradise Awaits: Honeymoon Planning Tips to Keep You on Track

A week or two spent in blissful newlywed-ed paradise is about the closest thing to shangri-la most of us will ever get on this planet. From the first steps over the threshold, through the remaining days of fun in the sun, your honeymoon will be unforgettable.

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Destination Unknown: How to Start the Planning Process For Your Dream Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

Palm trees, warm tepid waters, and plenty of delicious fruity drinks – is this a similar picture that’s painted in your mind? If you’re one of the many couples who have their hearts set on a destination wedding, or a honeymoon far, far away, then congratulations! It makes complete sense to want to spend the most romantic and meaningful days of your life in a small slice of paradise. Celebrating one’s union in a new country, with unique landscapes and cultural offerings is a profound experience, and one you’ll remember forever.

Before you begin to let your imaginations run wild, there are a few logistical, functional, and downright helpful things to consider that will ease the planning process. It’s your big celebration, and you want it to be everything you’ve imagined and more, and it will be if proper planning and consideration goes into it.