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Let’s Play Ball! It’s Baseball Week in Curacao

Curacao Baseball week 2020 is just around the corner. Are you ready? 

Although it is a community event, the real winners of Curacao Baseball Week are the island kids. The purpose of the event is to expose the local kids to baseball as both a sport and a profession. This year it runs from January 3-8 and the activities are as exciting as ever! Sign your kids up for a clinic or join a tournament and hobnob with baseball legends. However you choose to participate, you are sure to have fun.  

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Exploring the Culture of Curacao: A Blend of Dutch and Carribean

One of the most fascinating aspects of visiting the Caribbean is the variety of cultures that interwoven throughout the islands. Many of the islands feature one main culture, but some, such as Curacao, have a mixture of two or more. When choosing which island to at which to vacation, it might be helpful to consider which cultures you’d enjoy exploring. Curacao is a unique blend of both Caribbean and European cultures, and we’re going to share with you the easiest ways to explore both cultures during your visit. 

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Summertime Happenings on Curacao to Plan Your Trip Around

Summer vacation was designed with trips to the Caribbean in mind. Now we can’t verify that that’s true, but we can say with absolute certainty that jetting off to the Caribbean during summertime is an incredible experience. Out of all the Caribbean islands, few come close to offering the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation the way Curacao does.

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Curacao’s Carnival is a Whopping Two Months Long This Year, Here’s What’s Happening

More often than not Carnival is associated with Brazil, but believe it or not, Carnival celebrations happen throughout the Caribbean. One of the largest celebrations within the Caribbean takes place on the small, remote island of Curacao. Carnival is an annual celebration, and this year there are a few additions and changes we want to share with you!

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A Menu So Delicious, You May Just Have to Plan a Trip to Curacao

Few things bring more joy and nourishment than food, and no matter where in the world you go, cuisine is always a main focus in every culture. The cuisine culture here on the island is a fascinating one, with a variety of influences mixed in, mainly including Dutch and Creole.

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Beautiful Beaches and Six Other Reasons to Visit Curacao

It’s hard to imagine that a place as idyllic as Curacao has more to offer than it’s iconic sparkling coastline and exceptional beaches, but it absolutely does. The entire Caribbean, for that matter, is much more than long luxurious stretches of sand. Not that we don’t love the sun, sand, and sea, but we want to shed some light on what else Curacao has to offer.

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An Array of Fall Events Fitting to Plan a Trip to Curacao

The best of two worlds collide, in Curacao, this fall: idyllic island life and stimulating festivals and events. Over the course of September, October, and November, you can dance, scuba dive, run, and eat. Choose what you enjoy, book your trip, and count down the days!