Good stuff Series: Mountain Biking in Curacao

While dreaming about a Caribbean getaway, the average person conjures up images of white sandy beaches, the sparkling bright blue sea, and relaxing with a fruity drink in hand. Right? Those are all components of Caribbean vacationing that are well-loved and for good reason.

Mountain Biking in Curacao

Today, though, we want to offer you a different image, one of equal fun and perhaps even a little more excitement: mountain biking. 

Contrary to what is assumed, there are a variety of land adventures to be had on one specific Caribbean island: Curacao. Of the land adventures, mountain biking is one of our favorites, especially for those who have not yet visited the island.

Why mountain bike?

Touring around Curacao in a car is fun, but because cars move quickly, it can be easy to miss the subtleties and nuances of the island. On a bike, you can cover a lot of terrain while also interacting with the terrain and taking it in on a more intimate level. In short, mountain biking offers more connection with our lovely island. Also, it’s a great combination of adrenaline, fun, and relaxation. You have control over your pace, and you can choose to whiz around or stop and picnic and take in the sights. 

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Where to mountain bike

Curacao has all sorts of fun and exciting trails to explore. You can head inland and explore that landscape, or bike towards and along the coast. Or, if you can’t choose which, do both! There are forts, plantations, mangrove forests, caves, beaches, and more to explore. Not only are there trails all across the island, but Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort also has trails throughout the 2,000 acres of land it sits upon. 

Mountain bike rentals, guides, and more

To book your Curacao mountain bike adventure, you have a few choices. You can rent bikes right here at the resort, or you can book a guided tour from one of the mountain biking companies on the island. 

Are you surprised that Curacao has more to offer than snorkeling and scuba diving? Curacao is an island full of surprises, and we are excited for you to enjoy as many of them as possible! For assistance on arranging a mountain biking experience during your stay, allow our excellent team to assist. Contact us anytime to get the planning started!


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