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Give Your Kids A Caribbean Family Vacation to Remember

Caribbean Family Vacation

What’s better than being a kid? Being a parent and getting to experience the pure joy of being alive through our children’s eyes! At least, that’s one of our favorite parts of being a parent. Remember how exciting family vacations were as a kid? You have the chance to make your kids’ vacation experience even better!

Plan Your Caribbean Family Vacation

For those families planning a summertime, fall, or even winter getaway to the Caribbean, we want to help you make the most of it. Out of all the Caribbean islands, by far one of the most family-friendly is Curacao. Safely nestled in the southern Caribbean beneath the hurricane belt, the island is full of exciting adventures for kids to discover and parents to feel confident about.

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Curacao Children’s Museum

In between beach stints, you may enjoy taking the kids to the Curacao Children’s Museum. Seeing as it’s for kids, you can imagine the entire museum is very hands-on, encouraging them to touch, play, and discover. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits. Check it out, here.

caribbean family vacation

Snorkeling Tour

One of the most popular adventurous family activities is to go on a guided snorkeling tour together. Don’t worry about a thing; the tour operator will ensure every member of your family is well-taken care of and feels safe! Bring your GoPro in its waterproof case, and you’ll be all set for next year’s holiday photo! More information, here.

Visit the Ostrich Farm

By far Curacao’s most random experience is the Ostrich Farm. Yet, it’s a great time for everyone, especially the kids. Keep it as simple as just gazing at the ostriches, go on a safari tour where you can feed them, or take a quad tour where you can check out the wild side of the island.

caribbean family vacation

The Classic Activity – Mini Golf

Now, we get it; most people don’t travel all the way to Curacao to play mini golf. If it just so happens, though, that some, or all, of your family members love minigolf, then this is for you! Brakkeput Mei Mei is an 18-hole mini golf course set in a tropical garden setting.

Camp Arawak

If you and your partner are ready for some solo adventures sans kids, consider enrolling them in Camp Arawak at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Camp Arawak not only provides a forum for the kids to make friends with other kids, but it’s full of adventures! Art and crafts, cave exploring, snorkeling, and more, there are different activities each day.

Curacao has been sending families back home full of great memories for decades, and yours can be one of them! If you’d like to book your kids into Camp Arawak or secure accommodations at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, go ahead and contact us! We are happy to help you plan this unforgettable family vacation in Curacao!

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