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Can’t Get to the Beach? Bring It To You With a Taste of Curacao

Dreaming of a beach vacation but find yourself land-locked? Why not bring the beach to you with a day of Curacao-inspired food and drinks, guaranteed to satisfy even the most wanderlust among us.

Beach-Inspired Recipe Ideas


Break out your beach blanket, sit in your yard (or your kids’ sandbox), and bring the beach to wherever you may be. Stream beach vibe music or beach/wave sounds, don your swimsuit and turn your backyard into a beach staycation right at home! 

Curaçaoans are known for their multi-cultural cuisine. You’ll experience a truly exotic blend with Dutch delicacies alongside Afro-Caribbean, Venezuelan, and Indonesian flavors.

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Here are some authentic Curacao authentic recipes that we are sure your family will enjoy – and some drinks to enjoy after they go to bed! 


The most important meal of the day should be tasty and make you think of sunny days and relaxing, don’t you agree? If you want to start your day as an authentic islander, stir up some pumpkin pancakes for your crew. Filling, sweet and flavorful, these make a great start to your day.  Stroopwafels, another island favorite, is basically a breakfast cookie and is best paired with a steaming cup of coffee. They can be served for breakfast or as a dessert! 


Have you tried bitterballen? If not, you’re in for a real treat! These meatballs are flavorful and so filling – they are like gravy filled little balls of awesome. Your family will love them! If you prefer a more traditional dinner, how about a nice flavorful bowl of beef stoba (stew). 

Feeling exotic? Hunt your dinner in the backyard and serve it up Caribbean style as iguana stew. It’s a local favorite! 


Have you heard of Tutu? Why settle for boring rice when you can have a little tutu on the side? If black-eyed peas aren’t your thing, funchi (homemade polenta) makes a tasty side dish with it’s buttery, corny goodness. Arepas are to islanders like tortillas are to Mexicans – an absolute staple! They are tasty and fun to make and you can fill them or dip them in anything! 

Although keshi yena is technically a side dish, it often takes center stage. If you can make a good stuffed cheese, you can fit in anywhere on Curacao. It’s fun to make and so so good to eat! 

Deutschland, Studio, frisch gekochte Polenta in Eisen-Topf, Holzloffel, Holztisch


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a handful of Oliebollen. Similar to doughnuts or doughnut holes, oliebollen are light and sweet – no one can eat just one! Poffertjes are a surprisingly addicting traditional bite-sized buckwheat pancake. Slather them with butter and powdered sugar for breakfast, dessert, or a satisfying snack. 


Sitting poolside soaking in rays or winding down for the day, make sure you sip island flavors with a nice cool drink. These drinks are as yummy as they are pretty. Fill your glass with an Island Taxi, a Blue Margarita, or a Tiki Cocktail.  Enjoy a second round with a Blue Long Island Iced Tea, a Blue Island Splash, or any recipe featuring our infamous Blue Curacao liqueur!

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Don that apron and fix up a meal or two that makes your family feel like they’ve been to the beach and talk and dream of the day you will finally be able to go. It’s sure to lift everyone’s spirits! 

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