You Can Add a Little Sweetness to Your Suitcase This Holiday Season, by Packing For a Purpose

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Packing, the infamous word that makes many of us groan with displeasure. Having to fit all of the necessary, or if we’re being truthful, not so necessary at times, items into one suitcase. Worrying about the weight limits, size limits, items that aren’t allowed for security purposes.

Yet, for most of us, the packing struggle is for our own cause – to have all of our favorite items while on vacation somewhere beautiful, new, or exotic.

This holiday season, at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on Curacao Island, guests have the chance to add another layer to their packing, they can Pack For a Purpose.

The elegant and serene Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort sits on 2,000 acres of historical plantation land. It’s bordered by one of the most wonderful organizations on the island – Fundashon Amigunan di Cristo. Fundashon Amigunan di Cristo is a special place for children from low-income or impoverished homes to gather and find fun, love, and support.

It began in May 1999 when Cesar and Tanta Emma purchased a home at Seru Grandi in the area of the island called Fuik. The pair noticed that there were many children on the street with, seemingly, nothing to do and no one taking care of them. In march of 2000, they started a weekly kids club at the new home. Eventually, the weekly kids club evolved into a kids choir, baseball team, arts and crafts station, among many other activities.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

A second-hand store was started where clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. could be purchased for very low prices. A food bank was started to help feed the neediest in the area. What began with 12 children, grew into 60, and today is comprised of over 120 children.

At first, everything was paid for out of pocket, but as more children joined and more programs were started, more funding was needed. Assistance from the food back was given, and as well as some government support for the basic needs, yet operations would not be possible without generous donations and gifts from individuals and organizations. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort are proud supporters of Fundashon Amigunan di Cristo and the Pack For a Purpose program. Pack For a Purpose is a program that helps provide amazing institutions such as Fundashon, with greatly needed supplies, supplies which are often expensive.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortSimply though your stay at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, you are inadvertently helping us to continue to support Fundashon Amigunan di Cristo and Pack For a Purpose. If you’re interested in supporting our cause further, we encourage you to visit this page, where you can learn how you can Pack For a Purpose before leaving for your trip to Curacao! Packing to help those in need might just make your suitcase a little sweeter this holiday season, or any other season of the year.

We’d like to take this opportunity to heartily thank all of our guests for their visits, and to thank all of our Pack For a Purpose donors for their kind and thoughtful donations. We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a merry New Year!

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